Don’t Make These Hiring Mistakes!!!

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Don’t Make These Hiring Mistakes!!!
Don’t make these hiring mistakes

Recruitment is a very tedious process considering that there’s a plethora of varying situations that a recruiter go through during the process and at the same time making sure they meet their hiring objectives while moving forward. It can be difficult being the bridge between the job seeker and the employer. There are standards that need to be met, for both the employer and the job seekers.  The hiring process can make or break the organization, as it is only as good as the people that work there.

A lot of mistakes happen during the recruitment process. A recruiter can sometimes hire an individual that is incompetent for the job and snob the candidate that is most deserving. The problem is that recruiter’s mistakes are sometimes over-looked, without realizing that they were committing them.

Here are common hiring mistakes that recruiters make, and how we can avoid them:

Not paying attention to an individual’s skill set

Recruiters often commit this mistake simply because some skills set require tools to measure them, and unfortunately these tools are unavailable during the hiring process. But some skills set can be accurately measured by just allowing more time during the interview and actually assessing the job seeker’s skills can contribute to the employer. Challenging questions can help recruiters assess an individual’s level of skill as well as pointing out an individual’s behavior while given a certain task. This way, the results will not just be based on how he behaved during the interview, but on what level of contribution the prospect can give to the employer.

Not trusting your gut

Good behavior and skills set are what make a perfect candidate for employment. Instinctively, you’ll know whether a prospective talent is a good fit or not. Given the limitations of a recruitment campaign, like lack of time, many recruiters rely on instructions and documents that most of the time fail to assess what the job seeker can really do. It is not always enough that written documents submitted are in order as these can all be learned and prepared well; gut feel counts as well.

Hastily making decisions

Due to time constraints, some recruiters fail to match talent skills and employer’s needs, and this may lead to bad choices. Proper matching is essential during the process as it can help recruiter make the right choices. Consider the help of the hiring team in order to have a fresh set of 5 senses in order to make the right decision.

Always finding reasons not to hire

Recruiters are always torn between yes and no and often for the wrong reasons. Majority of the time they are harboring on countless alibis not to hire.  Instead, they should consider the positive aspects of an individual as well as giving room for improvement. Organizations would rather be working with a talents that’s willing to be trained than a seemingly hard-headed one.

A successful recruitment should consist of an open-ended recruitment, one that does not always rely on policies, but takes into consideration that individuals have unique skills set. Avoiding these mistakes can greatly benefit the employer, the job-seeker, and even you, the recruiter.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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