Does Branding Really Matter in Recruiting?

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There is never a doubt that the ideal employee you are longing to have is also the ideal employee of your competitors. And getting them hired in your company doesn’t always start with meeting them at a career fair, an independent recruiter or even in their college grounds.


It definitely starts way before that. Everything that the candidate heard about you, read about you or even witnessed about you can absolutely help them decide whether or not to join your company.


Always remember that long before you get to know your candidate, it is very sure that he already knows everything about your company.


This is where employer branding comes into the picture. It becomes a necessity because by establishing a great branding, you definitely have an edge in becoming the candidate’s first choice of company to apply to.


However, reputation only gives first impression and first impressions are not the only thing that works though it plays a very important role throughout the entire recruitment process. There are actually three important stages in recruiting that are influenced by the employer brand and they are the following:


  1. Reputation. The very first impression will depend on the information the candidates heard or read about the company. This give them a brief picture of what it is like to work there, how are the employees doing and also it will give them an idea whether or not they fit in the company’s culture. Social media postings can definitely be a big factor here as they can see all the posts, negative or positive about the company. This is why monitoring online activities by your employees and critics are essential in promoting good company brand and also to have a positive outcome when it comes to recruitment.


  1.  Job Offer. This talk about the type of offer you are extending or willing to give to the potential employee. This can also represent you, the whole company and the employer brand that the public will know. This is very important in garnering a successful recruitment outcome. Competitive salary, generous and unique benefits and of course, leave credits. These 3 will definitely convince and entice potential employees to consider your company to be their first choice.


On the other hand, we all know that offers really do matter to the potential employees but offering them some activities for leisure that promotes a concrete work-life balance is a plus.


  1. Company Culture. Many clever recruiters know that the company culture is being widely observed by applicants nowadays. Applicants are wiser than they were before. They are not just for compensation and benefits but also they now consider the work environment and culture.  The company’s culture plays a big role in promoting or branding your company.


Actually, company culture can now be considered as the soul of recruitment and should never be neglected. If the company is widely known as offering good compensation, benefits that includes the applicant’s family and of course, flexible work arrangements and employee camaraderie, well you definitely hit the bulls-eye. Those benefits helped you a lot in solidifying your recruitment efforts.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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