Despite Talent and Skills Shortage, Japan Continues to See Robust Hiring Activity of IT Professionals

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Information technology professionals in Japan will likely be actively sought after as companies gear up to use technologies to bolster their businesses.

According to recruiting experts Hays, large-size organisations have clarified their new budgets for hiring of IT talents, creating big opportunities for qualified professionals.

“Increasing hiring activity in the IT sector will be a trend since companies realise that digitalisation of business must be implemented to pursue further growth,” says Marc Burrage, Managing Director for Hays in Japan. “Many companies are increasing budgets and opening new positions to seek qualified professionals.”

In its Quarterly Report for April to June 2016, Hays finds that the gap between the number of vacancies for IT talents and the supply of high-skilled professionals will be maintained in the quarter.

“A short supply of capable IT managers and engineers will continue to be seen in the quarter,” says Marc. “Strong demand in the candidate-short market will benefit those candidates with specific skills sought by employers.”

The report further states that cloud computing, IOT and big data are the areas where skill shortage will drive strong hiring activity.

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“Companies are increasingly aware of the benefits from cloud computing and big data to their businesses as digital technologies start to make a huge impact on people’s habits of shopping,” added Marc. “IoT professionals are also needed to improve efficiency of supply chain operations.”

In terms of candidate trends, high-calibre professionals are seeking a higher compensation package as they understand the current status quo of the job market.

“Candidates will start thinking of moving to other companies as they seek career advancement after receiving their annual bonuses. They are expecting a big salary increase and opportunities that can help them develop skills.”

Marc adds that candidates are not just looking at the size of pay package when they consider a job change.

“Pay package is just one of the main factors that could affect the moves,” says Marc. “They are also focusing on the quality of the jobs. To be precise, they will assess the safety, stability and sustainability of the jobs before making a final decision.”

Japan’s IT market will continue to be strong in the quarter with companies striving to race ahead of competitors to better use technologies for transforming business models. We will see a highly competitive job market in the IT sector.

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