Cost-Effective Perks to Attract and Retain Top Talent

December 27, 20168:22 am1311 views

As 2016 draws to an end, there are many monetary and non-monetary benefits that go a long way in building great teams and retaining top talent in 2017. While health insurance remains one of the premium benefits employees value most, companies are getting creative to attract top talent.

Research shows that employees appreciate perks such as flex time, on-site childcare, well-stocked pantries, nap rooms, free subscriptions, and classes. Research also indicates that a growing number of executives are open to offering soft benefits.

Today’s employers are receptive to providing perks for a variety of reasons. Creative extras can be a comparatively low-cost alternative to traditional benefits, helping companies retain workers even if they are unable to provide or have had to scale back standard benefit packages.

Some organizations offer nonmonetary benefits to compensate for a lack of available resources to provide generous salaries and/or strong salary increases. Even employers that can provide ample benefit packages may offer perks to meet the changing expectations of new generations of workers. For all employers, providing soft benefits can demonstrate to employees that they care.

The Infographic below provides statistics on how today’s employees and employers view perks and describes a variety of options for employers to reconsider.cost-effective-perks-for-small-business

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