Content Strategy? It’s Also a Recruiting Tool

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 In tight labour markets, its the talent pool that dries up. Much like a drought, several factors lead to this. The first is generational, for as Boomers retire, they leave behind vacancies that a younger generation of workers aren’t equipped to fill. So it might benefit you to create a corporate blog, all things considered.

Second is the global economic recession. At its height, 60 percent of the US workforce planned on seeking new employment, once the economy recovered. After it did, 54 percent of US companies lost their high performers within six months. These free agents are highly demanding, requiring unique work cultures and competitive development opportunities.

With a shrinking labour pool thats increasingly mobile, competition among potential employers in the labour market is fierce. While corporate recruiters can provide stopgap solutions, there is a better way to attract and retain talent. Implemented correctly, digital content can transform on HR as much as as it has marketing. Great content attracts talent, as well as retaining its creators.

How it Works

Imagine a candidate finding an article that your firm published in an outside publication. As they read the article, they develops a deeper understanding and affinity of your industry niche. Clicking through your social media presence, they find themselves immersed in your team’s content. Blog posts, LinkedIn discussions, interviews and tweets converge to create an impression of working at your company.

The candidates affinity develops and deepens, as they connect to your corporate ethos and culture, deciding to submit their resume.At the interview, they prove knowledgeable about your firms business strategy. They understand the industry and have a clear idea about contributing to growth. While other interviews were stiff and formal, this one is conversational and exciting.

This pool of candidates gets the job. Because they could access your digital content, much of their training is self-directed. This new hire is ready to add value to your firm, the moment she joins the team. Wielding digital content as an effective HR tool, HR and marketing need to establish in-depth strategies and processes in such a collaboration.

While the marketing department will likely do most of the work, rigid silos are the death of content. HR, PR, sales and social media teams all contribute to a cohesive, coherent strategy. Firstly, incorporate HR goals into the overall content strategy. How will you reach potential hires? How can you differentiate your company?

From there, a system must be implemented. Designate subject matter experts and establish an editorial calendar. All the mechanisms — from writing and editing to social media — must be strategically aligned before progressing. A good system is critical but won’t ensure good content. During the creative process, authenticity is a priority.

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Self-promotion damages credibility, so the sharing of genuine insights is critical. Otherwise, resources are being wasted. An Edelman study revealed that when providing company information, the public trusts employees more than CEOs. Ultimately, employees are on the front lines and have every reason to tell it like it is.

Therefore, building custom-made soapboxes for your team to share content is enlightened self-interest. When your best employees can speak their minds and share their content, they also attract like-minded people. Moreover, self-expression is vital to feeling valued and fulfilled, increasing the chances of retention.

Finally, track the impact of your content. Capturing a users’ email addresses with downloadable content (e.g. newsletters and white papers) allows your firm to observe readers interacting with documents. This is done by attaching their identity to their actions. This data is filters undesirable candidates. After all, if an applicant doesn’t take the time to read your firms content, are they the best fit for the job?

Content humanises your firms brand, as well as granting an insight into the corporate culture. When key employees have a voice, the objectives you accomplish can be strategic, meaningful and have a strong impact.

Credit: Your Content Strategy is Also a Recruiting Strategy

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