Boosting the Mobile Recruitment Trend in India

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Boosting the Mobile Recruitment Trend in India
Veuon Mobile app for HR professionals empowered with GPS

As recently, Veuon Technologies launched one-of-its-kind HR mobile app for the recruitment industry in India. The Veuon app is a mobile application designed specifically for HRs and recruitment professionals to bridge the gap between passionate job seekers and companies by connecting them speedily through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS).

As the company claims for this app, “It is by far the most sophisticated job seeking and career management platform in India.”

Through an interaction with Amarlal Nichani, Managing Director, Veuon Technologies, we discover some interesting facts about “Veuon.”

The company is all “poised to revolutionize the way employers and employees connect with one another and start a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship. Now recruiting the right candidates for the right companies is just an App-away and also the most inexpensive way.”

  1. How does this application work on mobile using GPS? What are the challenges as regards network connectivity issues in India?

Increasingly as remote areas get connected by GPS using 3G and 4G connectivity, so I do not see any any major challenges as regards connectivity using this app. We feel even smallest of the towns have GPS and mobile reach, that’s where we come from.

The users (i.e the company/ recruiter and the job seeker) can download this app from the Google Play store or from the site. During installation, the app will prompt you to register yourself as a job seeker or as a job provider. If you are a recruiter, you can put in the company logos and job profile/requirements, experience in the app. Once the prerequisite data is fed into the software app, it has a button called Notification.

The notification feature connects the user to the GPS and sends location to the server, and if a user would not like to be disturbed through these notifications at any point of time, they can just “switch off’ the notification.

When job seeker and recruiter who logs into the app are within a range of 1km, both the mobiles of the users will ping with a notification or vibrate, depending on the preferences provided during installation of the app.

For recruiters, and jobseekers alike there comes up a compiled list of job providers/companies and candidates available, that pops up as an alert when the candidates and job providers are within the range of 1km from the work area.

As details come up of the companies on look out and the job seekers in the area within a radius of 1km, they can contact the candidates immediately or vice versa and real-time recruiting can happen.

  1. What is the launch objective behind this mobile app?

This app is not just aiming at white-collared jobs, but we are also looking to attract blue collared jobs, which could be automobile or shipping industry wherein independent contractors are employed on a daily wages basis.

With this app, you can easily find candidates looking for jobs. Considering the increasing awareness about apps among people now, using this simply designed app will not be a cumbersome process.

The app could also work in 5kms range or 10 kms range as well. Like for example, some people may not be interested in looking at all profiles, within 10 km range, so they can choose to look within a 1km range. Radius can be determined depending upon the user preferences and choices.

This app is free for download and for job seekers it is completely free to use. While recruiters/companies can now register for free as an introductory offer. Post the introductory period, a nominal fee will be charged to companies for running this service.

In case, you have multiple requirements in a company you can post multiple ads and each posting will only be targeted to relevant job seekers separately.

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  1. As there is a nominal fee involved for recruiters posting jobs on this platform, vis-a-vis many other companies offering job postings for free. Why would a company choose Veuon HR Mobile App? What are the benefits provided to recruiters for this nominal fee being charged?

People will choose “Veuon App” for the real-time recruiting features that it offers and the value for money that we offer. This is not the only revenue stream that we will be having in this app, as we go forward we will be looking at many other areas of business to add on more revenue streams. Though the real-time proposition in itself is not as “real-time” as in literally, because you have to download profile and call them which is a time consuming exercise.

Furthermore, the job posting will not be removed automatically. Notification has to be given once the recruitment process is done or the candidate gets hired. The parties into job talks have to notify and they will not bothered with calls from recruiter or vice versa otherwise. Once the notification is offered, the job provider or the job seeker is no longer visible.

We are also in plans to set up a backend team soon to know when an engagement happens between the job seeker and the employer. We will also be able to analyse seeing the trends of notification on who has stopped logging in to our services and immediately update it on the system to deactivate notifications.

Amarlal Nichani, Managing Director, Veuon Technologies

Amarlal Nichani, Managing Director, Veuon Technologies

  1. Real-time recruitment is a new term and concept now penetrated by companies like Veuon, what is the success rate of real-time recruiting in the current volatile job market?

Through real-time recruiting, HR professionals will be able to close the deal faster and will be able to get candidates actively looking for job openings in real-time, connect to them via the app and take advantage of the GPS system to fill in the position gaps within an organisation quickly. This will help meet the client requirements on time. Recruitment is going to be very speedy and 45 days process will soon be out.

In India, to my attention and knowledge, I am not known with any companies offering real-time recruitment services, however there are many apps offering multiple means of recruitment to find the perfect hire.

But none of the apps that I know of is working to harness the potentials of GPS system and connect potential candidates with the recruiter and vice versa.  We are looking at tapping opportunities into the real-time recruitment space, which is very new to India.

  1. How do you see mobile recruiting as a trend booming in India? Tell us about the success rate of mobile recruitment strategies opted by HR managers of today.

Mobile recruitment trend is picking up pace in India. To quote the latest report findings by Cisco in, it says, “Mobile data traffic is going to grow in India thirteen-fold and at a CAGR of 67 percent, which is phenomenal. Even if you achieve 7-8% in CAGR it is quite a high growth rate.”

“Mobile internet users continue to dominate the total internet space, with an overall share of 61 percent, which is a dramatic growth rate in the share of mobile users.”

Considering this is the trend we see in mobile usage, so I am quite confident that there will be a lot of traction that people will see including the mobile recruitment i.e real-time recruitment as well.

It’s not just the corporate that we intend to target as the market segments, but we are also looking at the trader segments those who have nowhere to go. So they need to find candidates immediately within some radius to fill in the vacancies. Such apps will make it easy for these niche trader segments to reach out to people in the vicinity regards part-time jobs. While there are many apps available in the market today, the simplicity of Veuon app is a key highlighting feature and the main selling point.

  1. What are the expansion plans and target markets for Veuon to globalise reach of this HR recruitment mobile app?

In another 3 months from now, a lot of features will be added to the Veuon application, if we see a lot of traction happening in terms of engaging with the job seekers. In terms of reach, we are looking at other markets such as Middle East and Asian markets. In another six months to a year with enhanced product offerings within the Veuon app itself, we plan to expand reach.

  1. Tell us how do you see the future of HR in 2020 and beyond?

In India, data transmission is an expensive proposition unlike other western countries. As new technologies like artificial intelligence are now emerging, it is important for professionals to keep a track of how these technologies can be embedded into mobile apps, and how they can be more user-friendly. The mobile recruitment boom will signal the times to come for the future of HR in 2020.

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