Booming Internet Businesses and Digital Campaigns Drive Recruitment Activity in China

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The booming development of Internet-based businesses in China will usher in a greater demand for candidates with experience of digital marketing and data analysis, according to recruiting experts Hays.

This is one key finding from the Hays Quarterly Report, for the July to September quarter, which identifies current recruitment trends in the market.

Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in China, says, “Internet is penetrating nearly all industries in China as innovative and revolutionary products strike a chord with consumers. In this quarter, candidates with a proven track record of handing online businesses will be actively sought after as most companies speed up their go-digital campaigns to vie for bigger market share.

“Data scientists, e-commerce marketing managers and professionals capable of crafting digital strategies will be in hot demand. It will continue to be a candidate-short market in China, which remains to be the world’s leader in applying IT technologies to commercial processes.”

“E-commerce, financial technologies and artificial intelligence are among the bright spots that will see strong hiring activity with skilled talent set to receive multiple offers,” according to Simon.

China’s efforts to transform its economic growth pattern will accelerate as businesses are forced to create new growth engines.

Making better use of Internet technologies to adapt to people’s changing lifestyles has become a key task facing Chinese companies. We will see breakneck growth of Internet-related businesses and employers will need to strengthen their training capabilities to help existing staff better understand new technology.

Candidates are increasingly willing to shift from traditional industries to Internet-related sectors to hone their skills in the pursuit of career advancement.

According to the Hays Quarterly Report for July to September, demand is highest for the following skilled professionals:

  • Accountancy & Finance

FP&A Managers – Replacement hiring is pervasive with FP&A managers in high demand. More roles for operation financial analysts or commercial analysts will need to be filled.
Accounting professionals – Candidates with solid accounting experience and good communication skills are in demand by employers.

  • Banking & Financial Services

Credit Managers – The financial services sector has a severe shortage of credit managers amid increasing demand from employers.
Crisis Managers – Talent with the capability of developing business in difficult times is actively sought after by banks and financial institutions.
Overseas Investment Managers – Increasing investment by Chinese companies outside China is leading to higher demand for talent with expertise in managing assets abroad.

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  • Education

Digital Marketing Managers – The rising popularity of online education makes candidates with good experience of digital marketing attractive.
Course Designers – Chinese parents’ intensified efforts to seek a more international learning environment for their children is creating new roles for bilingual course designers.

  • Human Resources

Organisation Development Directors – This is a very strategic role which needs talent with a deep understanding of business.
C&B Managers – HR talent with excellent technical skills are sought after by employers.

  • Information Technology

Data Scientists – Candidates proficient in analysis tools and experienced working with large data sets are in demand.
Algorithm Researchers – Employers expect talent in this field to provide intelligent solutions.

  • Legal

In-house Advisors – Companies are seeking qualified talent to help minimise risk of doing business in China.
Compliance Managers – Compliance managers are always in high demand amid employers’ increasing awareness of risk management.
Legal Counsels – Professionals are needed to help companies better understand labour laws and handle employment issues.

  • Life Sciences

Key Account Managers – Qualified professionals are highly sought after to help companies enlarge their influence in hospitals.
Research and Development professionals – Candidates with medial chemistry backgrounds and strong analytical abilities are favoured by employers.

  • Manufacturing & Operations

Business Development Managers – Talent that can contribute to business growth are always in high demand.
Quality Assurance professionals – There is a shortage of talent in the market as companies focus on product quality.
Operation Managers – Companies are in need of operation managers to ensure productive output.

  • Oil & Gas

Sales Managers – Candidates with solid sales experience are in strong demand as companies seek to survive the slowing economy.
Business Development Managers – Companies are striving to explore new business opportunities, creating fresh demand for business development managers.

  • Sales & Marketing

Social Media Managers – Candidates with strong experience of using social media platforms to promote brands and products are sought after.
E-commerce Marketing Managers – Due to the increasing need for reaching a wider range of customers, e-commerce marketing managers are in demand.

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