Best recruitment practices for successful client-talent matching

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Best recruitment practices for successful client-talent matching
Best recruitment practices for successful client-talent matching

When companies are faced with an issue of fast employee turnover, hiring to fill in open positions is becoming a big challenge to them; the process is laborious not to mention, costly. For the same reason, companies are now seeking the help of recruitment agencies to bring in new talents; with their expertise and infrastructure they are in better luck of bringing in the right number of prospects for the job.

Recruitment agencies are in the business of successfully bringing together qualified candidates with the best jobs. Even if some proven system still works in the market place, it is important to seek developments in the best practices of the recruiting industry especially where changes in the job market are swift.

Think and look ahead

Being able to do well as a recruiter in the job market today is not enough that is because whatever may work best now may no longer be applicable in the coming years. The changes in the job market are as constant as the economic changes; the supply and demand of talents depend largely on the emerging and/ or shrinking industries. The recruiting company is expected to know about these changes before they actually happen and prepare their clients and applicants to adapt well to the same. Using predictive analytical tools and metrics will help in determining future trends in the job market and prepare for the varying needs of industries in terms of recruitment.

Think in marketing terms

As a recruiter, you are literally “promoting” your clients and applicants, at least to one another. By thinking in marketing terms you would promote your clients by their corporate brand and your applicants by their personal brand. Products and services get sold to users because of promotion anchored on trust in the “brand”—the same can very much apply in connecting your clients and talents.

Go digital

Young, creative and innovative talents are now products of the internet. Now more than ever companies are making their presence felt in the digital world. Recruitment companies must also have a prominent internet presence to be an effective bridge between these two parties. Likewise, creating a platform where you can bring together talents and clients successfully is a good way to build authority in the job market.

Get to know your clients’ industry

There’s no other way to serve your clients and pool of talents better than to know their industry and their varying needs. By going to where they are, for instance industry expos or job fairs, recruiters will have firsthand information on the needs of both.  The more recruiters know the more they become trusted source of human resource information.


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