Behavioral Interview Questions Employers Should Ask

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Behavioral Interview Questions Employers Should Ask
A few behavioural interview questions employers should ask

During the pre- employment process, interviewing candidates can be very frustrating for there are some applicants who would fake their way through some questions.

Many companies have the possibility of giving jobs to people who might not be suitable for the post unless they are asking them some behavioral questions.

Asking behavioral questions can definitely give you a brief background of how the applicant was with his previous companies. As well as how was he like as an employee. You will be surprised by how much revelations can be laid to your table by just asking these few questions:

“Tell me about a certain instance or time you had conflict with someone within the organization.”

This question seems easy to answer but what do applicants not know is that this definitely gives the interviewer a very clear idea how you handle stress in the work environment and also how do you deal with your co-workers.

Conflict is all around us and it is common within companies because people may come from different cultures and behaviors. This question can definitely gauge how the applicant handles differences with others.

“Tell me about an instance working on a challenging team project.”

By answering this, the interviewer will have a big idea on how are you as a team member. It is automatic to know that when you got employed in a company, you will be working with a team and not just by yourself. Companies definitely would like to know that you are a team player and you are a person worth collaborating with.

“Which do you prefer, working with others or working alone?”

Doesn’t matter what type of business they have, many interviewers ask this question to know if the applicant will fit with the company’s vision-mission or in short, the company’s culture.

Of course, as a business owner, you want to know if the person that you are about to hire can contribute something to your company. You also would like to be sure if the person is a team player and can work with minimal supervision at the same time.

“Was there a time that you took over a leadership role even though it is not in your job description? How well did you perform?”

This question is most of the time asked to candidates who are in a senior level job application. However, this can also be asked to entry level position if the company sees a lot of potential in an applicant.

“What’s the most difficult problem you needed to solve?”

This question probes how critical an applicant thinks and how well he is in planning. Problem solving is one of the very most important skills in almost all jobs. This is the reason why companies ask this question to applicants. Of course, who would want to hire an employee who, when in the middle of a company dilemma, he or she breaks down without even trying to figure out how he can solve it. Interviewers just want to hear how an applicant identifies a problem and how they approach it.

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