BCA Forecasts Demand for 1,000 More Technicians in the Lifts and Escalator Sector over the Next 3 Years

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Aiming to alleviate the manpower shortage, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) projected demand for 1,000 more technicians in the lifts and escalator sector in Singapore. BCA said there are currently more than 2,000 technicians maintaining about 63,000 lifts and 6,000 escalators, but more are needed, Channel News Asia reports.

These findings were highlighted by Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Desmond Lee, stating that as Singapore’s environment built continues to transform there will be more opportunities for skilled engineers and technicians.

“As buildings become taller and more densely utilised, it is critical for us to ensure high standards in lift and escalator safety. Older lifts and escalators will need to be modernised with up-to-date safety features. So there will be an increasing need for skilled engineers and technicians,” Mr Lee said at the BCA-Industry Built Environment ITE Scholarship award ceremony.

To combat increasing pressure to develop manpower, BCA entered into a MoU with industry partners to ensure that the sector offers attractive and relevant jobs, to bring in more locals into the sector by supporting scholarship and sponsorship programmes.

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Considering the growing need for skilled manpower across industries in Singapore, Mr Sugumaran N Pillai, president of the Singapore Lift and Escalator Contractors and Manufacturers Association, thinks this is because of the rapidly ageing workforce and hence the industry is required to look for replacements soon.

However, lack of career prospects in the lifts and escalator sector in Singapore continues to disappoint students from pursuing a career in the industry. Mr Lim Teck Lee, deputy principal in academic at ITE College East said, “With graduates from ITE currently averaging S$1,900 per month, the lifts and escalator segment, offer students an average salary of S$1,200 to S$1,500 per month. This is one area that needs to be improved upon.”

Grappling with competition from other industries such as building, engineering, services and transportation, the lifts and escalator segment finds it hard to lure best talent to seek a long-term career with better growth prospects – not many people are interested in this line of work.

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