Automation Now: 5 TOP HR Software to Improve Productivity

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Automation is here, and it is going to be huge. From installing chatbots to help interact with customers to employing humanoid robots as hotel receptionist, the age of robots has transformed the way people live and work. While technological disruption is often feared to lead to massive job losses, the growing presence of automation in the workplace is proven to create better and more effective business performance. Not only in terms of industry, more and more company are relying on the algorithms to enhance their HR department performance.

A recent survey conducted by Robert Half revealed that among the most difficult HR jobs include identifying and hiring the right candidate, followed by terminating employees, handling employee benefits and perks, as well as managing pay equity. Thanks to the advancement of technology, HR professionals can do their jobs easier. By using HR software service for your company, this can help increase the department productivity.

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However, not every HR tech is created equally. After deciding that your company needs to use HR software, first thing to do is find the right platform that meets your HR needs and preferences so you will not waste the money for nothing. Nonetheless, searching through myriads of HR software on the web can be a gruelling process. If you need some insights on this matter, take a look at the following 5 most serviceable HR software and its advantages for your company.

01 BambooHR

BambooHR software is suitable for small to medium-sized business. If you are about to start a business, you can use this software to help you sort out the best candidate for your company. This software is equipped with several features such as applicant tracking, benefits management, employee database, etc. However, this software does not come with 360 degree feedback and payroll management. The service does not use contract system so you can stop at any time you want.

02 Zoho People

The features offered in this HR software include leave management, time tracker, employee self-service, form customisation and many more. Also, you can customise the modules by adding forms and tabs based on your needs. This feature helps HR staffs store and share HR and company–related documents. It is also suitable for medium to big business as it is quite costly for starter businesses. However, this software still has bug and there are some glitches when you operate your system using Zoho People software.

03 Gusto

Gusto is an HR software available in the United States. It is designed for small business and offers lots of benefits for them. Already winning many awards, Gusto provides payroll error-proof, 401(k) plan, workers’ compensation insurance, and many more.

04 Workday

Suitable for businesses of all size, Workday provides professionals assistance for human resources. The support system availability can be done via email and online help desk which will ease your job. There is no contract system and you will be charged monthly. Workday supports payroll system, human capital management, financial tools, and cloud-based enterprise resource management. The downside is that it still has difficult navigate system as you have to click several times to reach your destination page.

05 Freshteam

Similar to Workday, Freshteam is suitable for all businesses. With monthly and yearly pricing, you can save more money and time by using HR software. This software lets you synchronise candidates’ conversation and it can be seen by multiple users. Moreover, you can check the availability of your potential candidate and their schedule. It will help you set reminders for them and ask the prompt feedback. The features available are user dashboard, candidate engagement tools, collaboration tools, searchable database, online feedback, and many more.

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