Attention Jobseekers! Singapore’s 10 Best Companies to Work For

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Employees at Singapore’s Best workplaces have spoken: it takes intentional culture-building and day-to-day respect to make a company great.

A new study by research and consulting firm Great Place to Work® Institute Singapore finds that high levels of trust and engagement amongst employees are synonymous with high-performing work culture.

According to a recently released report titled, Singapore Insights 2015, Great Place to Work® Institute Singapore has also released its inaugural 10 Best Companies to Work For in Singapore List. Cloud computing company Salesforce debuts in first position.

Rounding out the top five are technology giant Cisco, global hotel company InterContinental Hotels Group, local development consultancy ROHEI and enterprise software firm SAP Asia.

Key findings from the study reveal trust is central to what drives engagement within Singapore’s Best. SalesForce takes the top spot – recognizing its commitment to trust building and collaboration.

“Relationships are generally valued at Singapore-based companies,” says Joni Ong, Managing Director at Great Place to Work® Singapore. “We have observed that Best Companies have strong cultural intent, and have designed people practices to create desired culture. These practices are implemented with authentic human touch by leaders and managers, which translate into positive day-to-day workplace experiences for the employees. This distinguishes the best from the rest.”

Great Place to Work® has been studying great workplace cultures worldwide and producing best workplace lists for more than three decades, and continues to find that trust, pride and camaraderie are universal foundations to a great workplace.

Two thirds of a company’s score is based on the results of the Trust Index© Employee Survey, which is sent to a random sample of employees from each company (95% confidence level).

The other third is based on the responses to the Culture Audit©, which includes detailed questions about pay and benefit programs, and a series of open-ended questions about hiring practices, methods of internal communication, training, recognition programs and diversity efforts.

The top 5 insights from best companies as per Great Place To Work® Institute Singapore Culture Audit© are:

Best Companies…

  1. Are intentional about creating a strong corporate culture.
  2. Execute their people practices in a warm and respectful way.
  3. Have fun and friendly workplace environments.
  4. Have a highly transparent and open culture.
  5. Have a unique and creative way of connecting employees’ work to a larger purpose, instilling a great sense of pride in the individuals, not just for being a part of the organization but also for their personal accomplishments.

The list recognizes great workplaces in Singapore have strong corporate culture characterized by high levels of trust camaraderie and pride. The best workplaces represent operations in six different sectors ranging from information technology and hospitality, manufacturing and production and professional services.

The report explains how great cultures are a competitive advantage, and offers insights into how companies can influence employees’ willingness to stay for the long haul and their perception of whether their company is a great workplace.

Employees at the 10 top companies to work for in Singapore value competent management and well-formulated workplace policies and practices. The top 10 best companies to work for in Singapore, according to the study are here:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Cisco
  3. Intercontinental Hotels Group
  4. ROHEI Corporation Pte Ltd
  5. SAP
  6. Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd
  7. AbbVie
  8. NetApp Singapore Pte Ltd
  9. EMC Singapore
  10. DIAGEO

The methodology to identify Singapore’s Best Companies to Work For and the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For are the same.

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