Are You a Modern Recruiter?

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Being a typical modern recruiter is the key to be formidable HR professional. A modern recruiter would use both sides of their brain. Left-brained individuals are keen to be more logical and analytical favouring numbers and stats, while right-brained individuals tend to be more creative favouring intuition over cold hard facts.

A modern recruiter could think to be both commercially and creatively minded. In other words, modern recruiters are Sourcing Ninjas.

They’ve mastered the art of internet recruitment by learning which tools to use and how to use them, which social databases to use and how to use them, how to sell their jobs and where to sell them, and where to contact candidates and how to engage them.

LinkedIn have pointed out in their latest Talent Solutions about a modern recruiter as both an artist and a scientist.

The best recruiters can persuade the most passive candidates, but they also have the data needed to influence their organization’s hiring strategy.

An artist recruiter would be a matchmaker, a marketer, a salesperson, and a talent advisor all at the same time. While a scientist recruiter would be a data nerd, researcher, technologist, and psychologist all at the same time, too.

Every HR professional is constantly interacting with people, matching the appropriate candidate with a role and evaluating skill sets and personalities.

They’re marketing and selling both themselves and their jobs,acting as advisers to leadership – which requires some artistry.

On the other hand, HR professionals also can’t solely rely on their ability to think outside the box. They need to have data and facts to back up their decisions, and get agreement from the rest of their organization. They also have to be up to date and able to take advantage the latest trends, tools, and innovations.


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