A Whole New Recruitment Process with TribeHired

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Traditional recruitment process always puts the employer as the controller. However, this fast-changing era will change pretty much everything, including the recruitment process.

Do you think job boards were not working for us anymore? Some employers felt that there were too many people applying without the right skills. Others felt applicants with the right skills lacked the communication skills required.

Consider this as a problem, and entrepreneur always has a solution. Meet Devan Singaram, the founder of TribeHired, “I didn’t understand why no one had already done that. And so I decided to do something about that.”

“The team started by making it easy for people to recommend friends to specific jobs, and we kept fine-tuning that idea, until we got to a point where we made it easy for people we’ve placed to recommend their friends to an exclusive list instead, called a marketplace,” explains Singaram who had previously co-founded Elevyn.

Letting Employees Take Control

TribeHired was established in 2013, and its team needed to get to the point where they were removing a lot of the frictions out of the hiring process. Ever since mid 2014, they have managed to improve the time their clients take to hire technical talents.

“So, every week we feature 50 awesome talents available to be hired in the city. Our talent are mainly programmers, and software engineers. However, we have recently included creative people, project managers, sales and business development talent,” tells Singaram.

Employers don’t need to post a job, like they usually do. Instead, employers can watch videos of available talent this week. The video’s purpose is to grasp the communication skills of the talent. Plus, employers can read reviews to understand salary expectations and working environments the talent are looking for.

“Just play videos of talent that will fit your company, and for people you are interested, you can place a bid and schedule interviews. All this within one click from the registration and without posting a job,” Singaram grins.

TribeHired's team

TribeHired’s team. Devan Singaram (middle)

The Unique Recruitment Process

TribeHired’s recruitment process is different. Fortunately, keeping the process transparent generally breeds a certain amount of trust in the system. Both talents and employers are experiencing a new way because of TribeHired.

A talent who sign up on TribeHired have to first get accepted to an interview with their team. Many of the talents that get accepted into this exclusive marketplace, are recommended by previous talents they have placed. For the rest of talent to be accepted, they have to complete a series of challenges we run on the weekends on UI design, web and mobile development.

Approved employers, who receive a weekly newsletter from TribeHired, can play videos of talent they like to hire. They can place a bid and set up three potential interview dates. At the end of the week, the talent can view all the bids, and select three interview offers they want to go for.

From a recruitment perspective, both talents and employers will demand more from third party services. Getting a resume, and talent applying to a job without hope will be questioned, as it should be. TribeHired only gets paid when an employer hires.

“Meaning we have to align our goal with that of the talent (get a job) and employer, and deliver the best value we can, rather than charging for a job ad,” says Singaram.

From a talent perspective, TribeHired challenges talents to improve their craft, in order to be accepted into its marketplace. Their reward is not having to chase companies, but rather view the job offers on the table. Some of the lucky top talents even score a job in 48 hours.

From a company perspective, they can now simply view great talents available this week in their city. Hiring managers could set up interviews in a couple of clicks. The clicks are free too, as TribeHired let the companies to view the talents and interview them. TribeHired only charge the company when a company makes an offer, and the talent accepts the offer.

“Our charges currently are still much less than what you will pay recruiters, so even small startup teams can afford to hire through us,” claimed Singaram. Some companies felt the process did not suit them. Yet, TribeHired periodically change their own process based on the feedback they get.

TribeHired’s recruitment process are starting to be accepted, as Singaram confirms, “We are always thankful, when a company that finished hiring months ago returns or refer their friends. We’ve also seen a 50% increase in the number of talent that get hired month on month.”

“I personally believe this is just the start of a new work trend, that begins with the recruitment process, itself,” says Singaram confidently.

At the moment, TribeHired is only present in Kuala Lumpur. They will be expanding to Singapore soon, and possibly Jakarta in the first quarter of next year. Of course, they need to expand city by city in the shortest time possible.

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