8 Tips to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job

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As the word resounds ‘interns’, what occurs immediately to your mind? Do you imagine yourself doing menial tasks such as fetching coffee, making photocopies, or organising piles of paperwork? While some of the intern stereotypes could be widely exaggerated, and it is true that internship is rarely considered as a prestigious position. Not to mention, interns often get zero compensation for their volunteer work. Then how do you make an impact and turn your internship into a full-time job offer?

People agree for internship for various reasons. Be it mandatory by the school to give college credit or a voluntary need to gain working experience, internship is one of the best methods to pave inroads into the professional world. If you are still studying in university or on the verge of completing graduation studies, then perhaps getting an internship opportunity is a smart move to prepare yourself, before setting foot into the real-world business.

If you seek and agree for working as an intern the right way, then you can make early networking, enhance your resume value, while collecting references from your supervisor.

If you’re committed to invest valuable months of your life to do a mostly voluntary job, you should make sure that you make the best of it and gain some valuable benefits for the future. Take a look at the following 10 tips on how you can impress your potential employer and secure a full-time job offer:

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  1.    Define your goals

Before applying for an internship program, it is crucial to find out and define your goals for joining one. Identify the professional goals you want to achieve from the program, as well as the benefits that will help honing your skills development. When you are fully aware of the path you’re going to tread, internship will assist to make you become a more competitive candidate in the job market.

  1.    Make a good impression

If you want to make most of the opportunity by turning your internship into full-time job role, then you have to make a good impression on your employers and co-workers.

Develop professional attitude and work ethics to fit into the corporate environment. Do not pretend as though you know everything, ask questions if needed be, get clarifications and learn along the tenure of association.

  1.    Be proactive and take initiatives

There are times when the team is on tight schedule, and that your supervisor don’t have to check in with you. If you have completed your tasks on time and there is no other thing to do, it is good to be proactive and take initiatives.

Try to find something wherein you can help, such as making coffee for your team members during hectic work week will make them feel good. This simple gesture will show that you are a proactive and helpful individual.

  1.    Learn the workplace culture

Being part of the company, even just for temporary, means that you have to follow the existing rules and adjust yourself in the workplace culture. Take time to learn on how you should bring yourself, the company guidelines, as well as what the organisation expects from you.

Pay closer attention to how your employers and co-workers behave and dress, as you don’t want to make embarrassing mistakes by showing up with the wrong dress code.

  1.    Develop relationships

If you apply for an internship with some of your college mates, don’t just flock with them and form an isolated group. Your main purpose of internship is to build new networks, so you have to get out of your comfort zone and mingle with your co-workers.

Be it joining them for lunch or helping them during company events, make sure to develop relationship with your employers and get to know your colleagues better.

  1.    Keep your enthusiasm upbeat

Even if you have to do the infamous ‘coffee runs’, do not allow such mundane chores to make you feel low and drain yourself of the positive energy. Instead, you should perceive it as something that can bring you closer with other employees. Keep your enthusiasm upbeat, stay positive and eventually they will acknowledge your genuine interest.

  1.    Ask for feedback

You want to know whether you are delivering great performance, or a bad one. Ask your supervisor to conduct regular review and offer feedback. This will showcase your commitment and dedication to develop your skills.

  1.    Express your genuine interest

Upon the completion of your internship program, you need to express your genuine interest about joining the organisation as a full-timer. Once the performance review is delivered, enquire of any full-time job opportunities available with the company. If they find your performance superior to meet business requirements and industry expectations, the HR manager might shortlist your candidature for recruiting candidates internally. Showcase your gratitude and thank the employer for providing an internship opportunity, to train and hone your skills for business.

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