8 Background Check Platforms Useful for Hiring Process

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Finding the right person for the right jobs can be just like finding a needle in a haystack. While there might be bundles of resumes coming in, this might not guarantee candidates’ quality. A survey shows that a staggering 98 percent Singapore leaders have hired the wrong candidates with the reasons behind this phenomenon varied from skills mismatch to misalignment in attitude.

Another study by CareerBuilder added that there are 37 percent of employers who made a bad hire said it was because employees lied about their qualifications. To save your company from the risk of bringing in bad apples on board, it is crucial for employers to do a background screening. Not only improving regulatory compliance and workplace safety, this method can also reduce the chances of you having to deal with negligent hiring claims.

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According to study from Business News Daily and Top Ten Reviews, here are companies that provide best background check websites to use when hiring new employees. With these, you’ll be able to perform a reliable search of criminal background and do a thorough screening of new staff before hiring: 

01 Intelius $49.99 (best overall)

Its reports are comprehensive and include information about email accounts, phone numbers, marriages, and other legal information. This is a designed platform and a good site to run background checks. However, the information provided by this site is not arranged chronologically and reports are not downloadable unless you pay for it. They also sometimes give inconsistent information when you search the same person twice.

Background check include: information about subjects addresses, email accounts, phone number, relatives, criminal records, court judgments, marriage and assets, work history and social media accounts

02 BeenVerified $22.86 (best for work history)

This site is reliable for background check service and it excels in providing information about subject’s work history. It also provides quality information in its reports but you need to pay for subscription to use the service. Moreover, every property report must be run separately.

Background check include: person’s addresses, email accounts, phone number, marriages, homes or businesses owns, criminal history, comprehensive work history, social media, timeline, search by phone number or email.

03 GoodHire $29.99 to $79.99 (best for small businesses)

Offering three level of background check (basic, standard, and premium), this is an easy to use online portal and provides outstanding customer service. With GoodHire, a small business can choose any affordable prices they want to take. You can order a background check at a time and do not need to purchase a minimum amount.

Background check include: social number trace, national criminal database search, sex offender list check, domestic terrorist watchlist check, seven-year county criminal court check, employee and education verifications, and county searches are conducted in-person.

04 AccurateNow $24.95 and $63.95 (best for very small businesses)

With affordable pricing, this checker option also has excellent customer service. This service offers 3 levels (basic, standard, and premium). AccurateNow conducts drug screenings but it will charge you to review the results.You have the option of paying an additional $5 for every test to have the results automatically reviewed or paying $25 only when a test returns a positive result.

Background check include: social security number trace, current county criminal courts search, national criminal database search, national sex offender registry search, global watch search, one education verification, and one employment verification.

05 eNannySource $19 and $89 (best for household employees)

This background checker conducts not only screening on childcare providers but all types of household employees including nannies, senior caregivers, and housekeepers. There are three level of checking basic, gold and platinum.

Backboard check include: a search more than 300 million national criminal records, social security number trace, national sex offender registry search, county court records search for most recent county lived in, driving record report, and national alias search.

06 BackgroundReport $19.95 (best for do-it-yourself checking)

This is a do-it-yourself online service that provides instant results and compiles with federal background check laws. What makes it different is that, it complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) which makes the site legal to use tor pre-employment job screenings.

Background check include: social security number validation, social security death index check, instant criminal conviction search, sex offender check, terrorist watchlist check, address history, alias names, phone number history, eviction records, bankruptcy record, lien records, and judgment records.

07 HireRight customised for each business (best for comprehensive reports)

It offers comprehensive criminal background search. The extensive language capabilities and sensitivity will ease you when using this platform. HireRight is also uniquely designed to assist you with your background screening needs globally, including in the United States and Asia Pacific.. The company also offers a sophisticated online user platform and outstanding customer service.

Background check include: criminal record checks, employment history verifications, academic verifications, directorships, credit history checks, due diligence checking, compliance and risk database checks, and identity documentation/passport checks.

08 Instant Checkmate $40 and $50 (best for comprehensive reports)

They give you the most comprehensive reports chronologically. Their search tools make your job easy to find who you are looking for. But you cannot buy their individual reports for a privacy concern. You can search your target by their phone number or email. However, searching people by phone number can give you inconsistent results.

Background check include: social media searches, work history, timeline, current address, marriages, phone number history, criminal records, and court judgments and assets

Even though background check can help you with a wise hiring decision, it is also important to note the applicable regulations. It does not against federal law to run a background check on your candidates for making a job offer. However, to be safe, you should know the policies on how individuals’ reports should be used. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) governs how these checks must be conducted and used. Some states also restricts companies to do background check, so it is important to know your state local laws first. Keeping in mind federal laws that protect applicants from discrimination is also good standard procedure. 

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