Steps to Convince a Strong Candidate to Accept Your Final Offer

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Steps to Convince a Strong Candidate to Accept Your Final Offer
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What would you do if you were to close the deal with a really prospective talent, yet the candidate seems to be hesitant in the final offering stage? Needless to say, HR managers must do and say things carefully to convince the candidate to accept the offer. You cannot afford to lose him, or else you may need to start the recruitment process all over again. So, how do you ensure your candidate of choice accepts the final offer? Here are strategies you can employ to secure top talents: 

1 . Make Things Personalized

If you want star candidates to work in your company, make them feel like they are already a part of it even before they start. When a recruiter contacts a candidate in a personalized manner, the candidate will feel like they are expected and everyone loves to be seen as special. Simply do this by using a personal approach, such as by writing a non-template follow-up email or calling them by their nickname. Make your communications count and emphasize on the candidate’s genuine interest in the position. All in all, show that you care through the words you choose in the email.

2 . Get to Know Them Deeper

There is always a chance that some top candidates you are eyeing for are also considering other offers or are not sure if they should leave their current employer. In this case, you got to know them during the interview and bargaining process, where they told you about themselves in detail. This is your chance to explore that deeper. At this stage, have a quick talk with the candidate. Inquire with them if there is any particular reason they are hesitant to accept your offer. You can address the matter directly if they choose to answer honestly. Take their views into account and seek to come up with a solution that is acceptable for both of you.

3 . Be Genuine

As it goes, honesty is the best policy. Remember that no one is flawless, and no company is perfect. Provide an honest image of the company and the position to your prospective candidates. To sway a candidate to one side of the fence, discuss the company ’s strengths and weaknesses. Candidates will know exactly what they’re signing up for and won’t second-guess themselves if you share the good and the bad equally. If candidates know what to anticipate in their employment, they will be less likely to leave. Nonetheless, know where to draw the line on what sort of honesty you want to display, as it is still not fully guaranteed that they will say yes. 

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4 . Boast about the benefits

Some employers create a corporate culture that is exceptional. Others take a leadership position in research, technology, being first to market. These past few years, where the notion of work-life balance is widely campaigned, employment benefits are regarded as appealing to top candidates. So, how about you emphasize on the benefits your company can provide? Don’t worry if your company may not be able to pay the highest salary or provide the best financial benefits. Your ‘dream’ candidate would not have come this far with you if it were not for the ‘X factor’ your company offers, so make sure you provide interesting and relevant employee benefits. For example, bring up the fact that your company makes hybrid working or even remote working possible, as this is one of the most sought-after benefits after the global pandemic. You can also boast on how your company provides various paid-time-off to ensure  the employees’ work-life balance. Play up how you compare to the competition in terms of these softer (but potentially very important) benefits.

5 . Persuade, Not Intimidate

The border between persuasion and intimidation is narrow. Pointing up the benefits and drawbacks of working for your company can help the candidate make a decision faster. But never impose an ultimatum to the candidate. Instead, you can mention that if you don’t hear back from them by a specific day and time with their acceptance, you both can agree that the offer is rejected. It is also important to be wise in your timing. Don’t make them wait for the offer. This might be the result of an unnecessarily lengthy recruiting method, which is terrible, or just not informing the applicant about the offer soon after deciding that the offer should be made, which is even worse. Don’t make them wait, but don’t push them either. Accepting the final offer may be a life-changing event for some people, as well as one of the most stressful decisions. The last thing you want to do is to add more stress.

In the end, going above and beyond to persuade top candidates to join your team may still fail, since the final decision is theirs – not yours. If you make efforts to recruit them and fail, at least you can say that you have tried your best. If you have done all possible to address their worries, you should not force them to say “yes.” Otherwise, you may end up with someone who is just half-heartedly dedicated.

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