7 Reliable Job Posting Sites for Employers

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There are many ways how technology can change the future of recruitment. In today’s highly digitised society, finding the best talents worldwide can be done in a single click. Employers no longer have to advertise their job openings on newspapers or magazines and even print out job brochures and hand them out directly to jobseekers. Not only time consuming, these conventional methods also limit employers from expanding their talent pools. Therefore, leveraging technology in the hiring process should be your priority.

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Posting job openings on mainstream job websites is the most popular method of modern recruitment. While this might sound easy and comfortable way of hiring, are you sure that this strategy is as effective? There are hundreds, and even thousands, of job posting platforms on the internet you should dive in before finding the best place to publish your job ads. This can be a gruelling and time-consuming task for employers in itself. Hence, to help you narrow down your search for the best place to post job openings, here are seven authentic platforms where you can find potential talents from around the globe.


Glassdoor is a well known platform among companies and talents. With more than 55 million active users, this platform can give you the best among best talents around the world. Glassdoor also provides company review in a combination with a powerful job board. There are more than 800.000 companies that use their service for job ads. Not only can post a job, you can also boast the established corporate culture to attract more candidates. If you build a positive and supportive workplace culture where employees are content working for you, then they will be more than willing to leave positive reviews on Glassdoor. It can be a great selling to improve your company brand.


This platform is best for recruiters who want to hire at a minimum cost since the platform offers affordable pricing options yet reliable hiring services. With some features available in this platform such as mobile friendly, comprehensive search engine, location-based job posting and many more, SimplyHired can give you search result that shows comprehensive pool of potential talents to engage with.

Facebook and LinkedIn

People spend more time checking on their social media accounts rather than job site. The age of social media opens huge opportunity for employers who want to find the largest pools of talents on the internet. Among the most popular social media used for recruiting are Facebook and LinkedIn as both are used by billions of people globally. While LinkedIn might be easier to use as it is designed especially for recruiting, employers can also use Facebook to help establish a social media presence, boost the company brand, as well as inform job openings.


If you are especially looking for IT talents, Mogul is the best choice. This job posting site is also the right place to find female IT talents if you are set to build workplace diversity and hire more women on board. More than 18 million users access the platform per week from 196 countries around the world. Big companies such as AppNexus and AXA Advisors are among few of giant businesses that rely on this platform to bring in new hires.


If Mogul is for tech women, then Dice will provide you more talented tech guys. With over 2 million users and at least 10 years of experiences, you can find wide pool of talents who are willing to work with you. Giant companies such as Amazon and Facebook are using this platform to find best candidates to fill their job positions.


If you are a non-profit company set with a limited budget seeking to hire top talents, this could be a great ideal for you. Idealist platform can give you many talented people. With no demographic line, you can find best skilled people according to your needs. For example, you can easily get someone with unique teaching skill and 5 years of experience. In that case, you can have two advantages at once, hire people with ease and save your time. If you are looking for interns and volunteers, you will find bunch here.


If you intend to hire freelancers, Fiverr is the best choice. There are billions of users as freelancers who set their gig for you to hire. You can bid and ask them to do your job, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can ask them to revise the work. However, you might need to make certain agreement before hiring the freelancers to ensure a smooth collaboration. With an open agreement from both party, you can get the best result and at the same time, it will be a great way to save more money and time.

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