5 Tools to Improve HR Departments

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With technology being developed and built to solve problems, HR professionals are increasingly able to leverage on them for possible solutions to work problems, or leverage on their features to improve conditions with workers and their workplace. There are some tools that HR departments can use to improve their works.

Here are the solutions they offer:

1. Simplify Resume-Wrangling: The Resumator

Created in 2009, The Resumator is an online service that lets employers recruit and track potential hires. The process made things easier for HR professionals, who are able to post their job openings anywhere (e.g the company’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or the company’s website) using a special link. That link directs users to a branded job board on the Resumator site. As the resumes roll in, HR and management teams can track, rate, and organize them via a single clean interface.

2. Gamify Employee Wellness: Keas

Want to lower healthcare costs through… fun? Imagine your entire sales team taking a healthy cooking class or your CFO winning a prize for biking to work everyday. It could happen.

Former Google executive Adam Bosworth founded Keas, the San Francisco-based company (named after a precocious species of parrot) behind this program that uses gamification to encourage activity and nutrition.

When a company signs up for Keas’s 12-week wellness program, it’s broken down into small teams which compete to complete various tasks. Teams can earn modest cash and gift prizes along the way, with the main idea being to utilise peer pressure as a tool in encouraging wellness.

3. Enlighten Your Employee Reviews: Rypple

Think “Facebook meets human resources.” Founded in 2008, Rypple is an online platform for real-time employee-performance management, review, and feedback. It’s a social hub where managers are able to post goals, assign help, and then instantly give employees comments—all in one place.

4. Overhaul Your System: TribeHR

Specifically designed for smaller companies, this Canadian web-based service company provides an entire HR department overhaul in one package: recruit and track potential hires, see a company calendar and monitor employee profiles (which features data like vacation days and recent goals).

5. Say Goodbye to Receipt-Piles: Expensify

Expense reports are often a burden for many businesspeople. Founded in 2008, Expensify is an online service that lets users scan their receipts with a phone, synchronising it with their digital report or credit card account.

Expensify also has built-in mileage calculators, employee expense-comparisons and integrates with custom accounting software or QuickBooks. The basic service is free for individuals. But for companies? It costs US$5 to US$10 per employee.

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