5 Simple Ways to Improve Recruitment with Google Search Engine

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Internet has become an integral part of modern life. Unless you live in an isolated island or in the depth of forest, there are good chances that the presence of wireless connection has become a common norm. Nearly half (46.8 percent) of global population actively use the internet in 2017, according to recent data. With the rise of digital transformation, this number is expected to keep growing. By 2021, about 53.7 percent of people across the globe will have access to and use the internet in their daily life.

Most people will agree that Google is an inseparable part of the internet. When you have no idea what or where to find certain information, Google would be the first thing that will come to mind. Statistics showed that 3.5 billion people which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide have been using the search giant. Needless to say, Google is the most prominent search engine in the world that Oxford Dictionary listed term ‘to google’ as a new verb in 2006.

By typing a set of keywords you are interested in finding in the search box, Google will give you a page full of results. Some results can exactly match with what you want to find, while some others might not be really related. Now, try to type your company on Google. What does it find? Is your company included in the first page of results? Or do you find other companies with similar names or businesses instead?

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Not many employers master the trick of getting their company and website displayed on the first page of Google search. Consequently, they often have to lose potential candidates to other established businesses that has bigger internet presence. To prevent such cases, follow these simple ways to improve your hiring process with Google search engine.

  1.     Create catchy page titles

The first thing jobseekers notice from a job advertisement is its title. Therefore, creating catchy yet professional title is a must. The job title must be describing the content accurately, briefly,
and descriptive. Many recruiters create page titles such as Web Developer at MyCompany.com which is not wrong, but not descriptive enough so you might have to sort out hundreds resumes that are not suitable with what you are actually looking for. Therefore, you should create more specific job title such as Front End Web Developer Job so people with the right qualification can find your company easily on Google.

  1.      Put relevant keywords

Everything is driven by keywords, not only on Google search engine but also on any other job posting media such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Therefore, you should write accurate and detailed keywords in your job posting. Similar to the previous example, you can create the keywords from the title itself such as freelance writer, journalist, etc.

  1.      Give quality content

Aside from writing professional titles and relevant keywords, you should have a high quality content. Among the criteria of high quality content include unique, informative, valuable and useful, credible, error-free, and engaging. This will help jobseekers understand the job posting better. Moreover, by showing the quality content, you can show that your company is trusted and not just a scam.

  1.        Support with related image and video

Many people like to see attractive images or videos. Therefore, you can add image or video that contains related information in the job posting. An image or video advertisement is more accessible and shareable; and it usually contains more information than a written description. This will boost and attract more potential candidates to apply for the position.

  1.         Promote the website

Actively promoting your content will lead to faster discovery for jobseekers who are interested in your job postings. If you do not have the budget to advertise on Google, then you can do this by sharing your website content to social media, your mailing list, and/or offline method such as handing out your business card to make people aware of your new business development.

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