5 Reasons Why HRs are the Super Heroes of Your Company

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5 Reasons Why HRs are the Super Heroes of Your Company

HR professionals are the backbone of a company, holding the whole structure firmly by multi-tasking between managers and the staff. They have to put up with the stressful environments at work and draw transparent communication channels between the staff and managers.

Every Industry is roughly based upon three elements i.e. Human Resources, Material Resources, and Financial Resources. The pivotal role of HR professional is to deal with the most complexity of these three elements.

The role of HR is more so important, because the workforce as a whole acts and reacts emotionally to problems and situations in the workplace; hence they need to be deal with tact and patience.

HRs sometimes tend to have dual personality traits which helps them professionally in way – to support employees as a guardian and to motivate them, while acting as a guiding force for employees with regards to the management policies and disciplinary actions for the benefit of a company.

Diplomacy and professionalism with a hint of care for employees’ needs should be a common trait to be followed by all HR professionals. The job role of HR is carefully detailed and well illustrated here, with regards to the services they offer:

  1. Organize: They are responsible to organize and maintain employee records, process payrolls, track performance as well as carry out hiring, firing and other complex tasks. Though many employee management solutions are available nowadays that can ease up the work of an HR, yet their work profile always keeps them on their toes.
  2. Negotiate: HRs negotiation tact goes beyond just during recruitment decisions to hire the best minds and talent on board, but also the very need to negotiate issues between employees and their managers tactfully without upsetting either of the sides.

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  1. Communication: It is important for HR personnel to communicate with the to-be hired and new recruits, company managers, rejected candidates, huge crowd turnouts during campus recruitments and so on. Many at times, the way they interact with a candidate or an employee helps build the employer brand image on mind and in a way, they soon become the face of the company. So HR managers have to be extremely careful about the information they share and part with.
  2. Confidentiality: HRs should know how to handle confidential and discrete information pertaining to the company and keep employee details safe. Hence, they are required to be crisp, concise and clear in their communication with the other staffers and management.
  3. Strategize: An HR is required to strategize efforts with the entire workforce of a company, coordinate for performance appraisals and promotions, while making sure to retain quality staffers and maintain office ethics at all times. The job role also includes providing training to new joinees or laying off inefficient staff.

While we know, best strategies and tools in itself do not make for a successful company, it is the consistent efforts of employees, motivated to perform their best each day that makes for a company successful through time.

Kudos to all employees working selflessly for the benefits of a company. These should be attributed to the efforts of HR personnel, who keeps employee spirits high and motivated even during crisis situations. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong if we could selflessly credit the “Super Heroes” of your company, who responsibly strategize talent and cumulate efforts to bring about synergies in the workings of the workforce of tomorrow – managing multi-generational workforce is one of the major challenges for today’s HRs.

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Author credits: Anwar Shaikh writes about HRMS solutions and Payroll Software. A self-made, reared-up writer, Anwar is a wannabe Cloud evangelist and has a great penchant for SMAC, CRM, ERP and human resources. He writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of cloud based payroll and HR management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses across India.

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