5 Easy Ways to Write a Succinct Job Description

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When it comes to crafting attractive job advertisement, jotting down a well-written job description can be much more important than it seems. Effective job description does not only help you attract qualified candidates, but also makes your job ads stand out and reach wider scope of talents.

While many hiring managers understand the importance of having great job description, some do not know precisely what it is that sets a neatly-arranged job description apart. Without further ado, here are five tips to ensure you write the best job description you can.

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  1. Nail The Job Title

Applicants are looking for buzzwords when thinking about where to apply and the first thing they will be looking for is whether the job is actually something they can or want to do. The job title should only be a couple of words but able to dictate interest. If you get this part wrong, chances are, you will have to deal with hundreds of job applications from people with irrelevant qualifications. You might even miss out on applications from talented candidates who skip past your job description thinking they are not eligible to apply. Therefore, make the job title precise and brief. For example, a bad job title would be ‘Medical Professional Wanted’, while a good one would be ‘Registered Nurse Wanted’.

  • Include What Will Exclude

There is nothing worse than sending an application for a job which, for some technical reasons, you cannot apply for. Similarly, there is nothing worse than sitting on the other side, wading through reams of people who are underqualified in some technical aspects. As Human Resources coordinator at EliteAssignmentHelp Samuel Rossi put it, “If you need people with undergraduate education or above, put that at the start. If you need ten years’ experience, and you mean it, put it at the start. A lot of brain ache will be saved on both sides of the equation.”

  • Write Well

Just because you are the employer who offers the job does not mean that you get a free pass on spelling mistakes, grammar issues, or poor punctuation. Writing well and with good style reassures applicants that they are applying for a company they actually want to be and tells them that you are reliable and, most of all, professional. This can also be another way to ensure that there is no element of confusion.

However, this could be harder than it seems. So, here are some very useful tools to help you out with your writing skills:

  • ViaWriting and SimpleGrad – These two are very handy grammar guides. Good grammar is often overlooked, but its importance can’t be stressed enough.
  • BoomEssays and Academized – Two proofreading/editing sites which go beyond a normal spellcheck and are perfect for writing correctly written job descriptions (as suggested by Revieweal).
  • WritingPopulist and StateOfWriting – Both of these sites have lots of suggestions on improving your writing generally. Learn some new writing and editing tips to stay on top of your writing style.
  • Custom Paper and Write My Paper – These are editing and proofreading tools, great for helping you ensure that your content is perfect before you send it out.
  • MyWritingWay and LetsGoLearn– Two writing guides which give general advice on how to improve your writing for these sorts of occasions. 

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  • Salary

When it comes down to paycheck, this is what most applicants are really interested in. It is important that information about salary is present on the job ads. Asking people to contact for salary discussions or telling them they have to wait to find out, breeds mistrust and can put some applicants off. Even if you are eager to stay a bit vague about what you can offer by way of reimbursement, it will be better off listing a salary range so that people will have an idea of how much they could earn when getting job.

  • Sell It

Posting a job and offering money in return for completing said job is a bit oversimplified in the modern marketplace, with so many companies competing for talented potential employees. When you have got the important details out of the way, you need to do some work to make people want to apply. In this case, you should include all the benefits, mention what a career after experience at your company can look like, tell them about the health plan, the pension scheme, the location, the holidays. Any of the above can go a long way to drawing in high quality applicants.CIn the end, the most important part when writing a job ad is to be clear and to the point. But beyond all of that, you should try and entice potential applicants with the promise of a fulfilling experience at your highly professional business. If done right, you can expect to have a stream of well-suited, well-qualified applicants to pick from in no time.

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