4 Ultimate Recruiting Secrets to Finding Talents

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A recruiter’s job is about finding talent. The clients have various positions to fill, ranging from temp workers, to full-time jobs. Indeed, it is a challenging task for a recruiter to search many candidates, whether it is a temp worker who is required to work for a short period of time due to certain events and occasions or a full-time employee with specific skills.
Moreover, every client from recruiting agencies understands that bad hires could be costly. They will not easily accept any average candidate from the recruiter. Each recruited candidate will be reviewed by the client, so recruiters have to find the best possible talent.
How could a recruiter find talents? What are their secrets? Be The Recruiter has find out here:

1. Create clear job descriptions
Maybe, the job description you have posted made job seekers confused. Instead of submitting an application, they skipped the job ads instantly. Thus, recruiters should put in the extra time to make the description as vivid as possible. It should attract the readers, also known as job seekers. Reveal the specific skills and duties associated with the job.

2. Do social recruiting
Recruiters often use the main social media tools to search candidates, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. The amount of traffic that social media sites see is attractive to recruiters as a pool of potential candidates, while promoting their company and leveraging relationships that may turn into placements down the road.
Social recruiting has become the primary focus of many recruiters and staffing firms because, unlike most search engines and job boards, social recruiting strategies promote transparent, two-way communication between an employer and job seeker.
In fact, social recruiting increases candidate response rate, and allows recruiters to research on all publicly posted information of potential candidates. It saves more time for the next recruitment process: interview.

3. Use the latest technology
The Internet is full of sites designed to help you find top talent.. With a little digging, the best resources are at your fingertips. Many recruiters treat recruiting like online dating. They use various platforms to find passionate pockets of talent locally.
The bottom line: a recruiter has to get creative to find top talent. Keep up with the latest technology is one way in being creative, especially during this digital era.

4. Enter the niche online communities
Apart from popular social media, recruiters enter niche portals to get more direct way to find talent.
The above methods are used by many recruiters. If you already know their secret, you should not be afraid to be the recruiter! It is always fun to meet top talents, and involved with their job searches. When you are helping someone to get their dream job, you will realise how fulfilling it is to be the recruiter.

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