3 Simple Ways to Hire Better

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3 Simple Ways to Hire Better
3 Simple Ways to Hire Better

Your company can’t only rely on you to make every single decision, sell products to customers, solve all problems and brainstorm for new ideas. You can’t have all the tasks, from small to big, on your plate. You would not be able to handle all the tasks alone. Here comes the importance of hiring.

Did you know that the people you hire can either make or break your organization? How to go about finding the perfect fit for your company? Finding someone suitable is not about hiring someone who has the highest qualification, but someone whom you can work with for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (or more). You may compare it to finding a spouse, if you like.


Look at these 3 simple ways to hire better.

Know what you’re looking for

Do you know the skills that you are looking for? It is necessary to know the skills and qualities that you are looking for in candidates even before you start searching. Vague job descriptions often lead to unsuccessful hires.


Be forward looking

It is good to use a resume to understand more of a candidate’s past experiences and accomplishments. However, all of that is history and employers should not over-focus on them. They need to be forward looking and get to know what the candidate will or can do for their company in the future.


Give candidates a scenario or problem to test on their problem solving ability. This gives a clearer picture of how he or she can add value to the company.


Different and better

It is not wise to hire someone who is the ‘same’ as you. This means having similar strengths and weaknesses or the same way of doing things. The company doesn’t need another of you. Hire someone whose strengths are your weaknesses and weaknesses are your strengths.


Many employers think that they should not have employees that are better than them for fear that these employees would outshine them. On the contrary, hiring someone better than you will help in the growth of your company.


All the best in hiring the best employees for your company!


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