What Skills to Look For in Candidates with Disabilities

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What Skills to Look For in Candidates with Disabilities
What Skills to Look For in Candidates with Disabilities

Finding qualified candidates with disabilities can be a challenge for employers for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is that persons with disabilities are often lack of education, resulting in a lack of skills and ability to perform the job. 

United Nation revealed that people of working age with disabilities were less likely to have completed primary school. In India, many individuals lack access to education due to disabilities and financial condition. Those with disabilities are also more likely to be illiterate. In the United States, for example, an assessment found that working adults who have multiple disabilities are twice as likely to be illiterate. 

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Given that the possession of both hard and soft skills is one of the key determinants in employment, what are traditional measures of employing candidates with disabilities? Here are the four most important soft skills to look for in your candidates with disabilities. 


The very first skill your candidates with disabilities should have is a determination to learn and perform responsibility. Oftentimes, most candidates with disabilities have already possessed this skill, proven by their determination in applying for a job in your company. 


Self-assessment is important for employees in order to self-reflect and help them learn from their mistake. Especially for employees with disabilities, this skill can significantly help them perform better in their job. Thus, employing disabled candidates with good self-assessment and self-reflection skills will give so many advantages. 


Not only PWDs, but every employee within an organisation should have honesty. Honesty is not merely about telling the truth. It is also about being real with oneself and others. When your candidates with disabilities have honesty, they will be open to discussion in order to help ease the workflow of both employers and candidates. 

Communication skill

Be it written or spoken communication skills, make sure your candidates with disabilities have the ability to communicate with you without the help of a trainer or parent. Their communication skills are one of the golden tickets for them to perform and collaborate well with colleagues. 

“There is one rule above all, however, when you employ disabled candidates. The rule is that you should not merely look for their skills but their ability and willingness to perform a job.” 

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