7 Finest Affordable ATS For Small Businesses

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7 Finest Affordable ATS For Small Businesses
7 Finest Affordable ATS For Small Businesses

One of the common misconceptions in the recruiting world is that the applicant tracking system (ATS) is only meant for fortune companies because they have to keep up with thousands of applicants. However, small-to-medium businesses can also benefit from using one too. In fact, 68 percent of SMBs start to embrace the system to find their best fit, according to data collected by Jobscan

Why should you start to embrace ATS? 

Since small businesses do not need to review large volumes of job applications, ATS might seem less pronounced. Some of you might also think that using the system in small businesses can be very costly and time-consuming to master. 

In fact, ATS nowadays comes with varied features, fees, and payment options so anyone can make an arrangement that they can afford. Some are even free beyond a trial option. There are also many options of ATS out there that work well for a small company which can help you grow and attract top talents. 

To illustrate, your company has launched a new product and is preparing to work with more clients. Your clients ask for more improvement, so you need to hire more staff to help you keep up the pace and prevent employees from being overworked. You need to expand quickly, or at least find freelance or hourly workers to help the job desks. With an ATS, you are not only able to directly post job ads on multiple job portals at once, but you can also receive and keep track of any incoming applications, quickly find new information on potential candidates, and finally, hire the best ones. 

Other benefits of ATS for small businesses include improving candidate experiences, improving compliance, helping company growth, which eventually boosting your employer brand. 

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In short, ATS facilitates you with a robust recruiting process and helps simplify communication with candidates. It also allows you to obtain advanced statistics with which you can perform predictive analysis of profiles of each applicant. 

Applicant tracking system you should try 

If you are ready to compete with other businesses that already streamline their recruiting process with ATS, here are FREE – beyond trial option – applicant tracking system you can try. 


Recruiteze is a free ATS tool that offers an unlimited number of jobs per month. The free plan requires no contract and no fee for setup, but you can upgrade at any time for more features. If you feel that the payable features are too much, you can downgrade to the free plan again. The free version only permits one user and does not include a custom careers page, candidate workflow, or bulk resume upload features. 


StartSmart is a free version of SmartRecruiters, that allows you to hire up to 10 roles at a time. The features of StartSmart include access to post to free aggregators, google jobs, purchase ads in the marketplace, multiple career pages, job widget (public ads only), and facebook careers app. You can also get personalised candidate portal, SmartProfile feature, apply with indeed, resume parsing, referrals portal, and SGPD Tools. However, you only have a limited number up to 10 to post job ads. 

Mighty Recruiter 

In 2017, Mighty Recruiter put out a press release stating that they would be a free ATS with unlimited open jobs, resume searching and user accounts. With the Mighty Recruiter free plan also, you can post your job to 29 job boards, have candidate management and ranking, and streamline your candidate communication. This tool is also mobile-friendly with no training required. 


iKurt has a free version of their ATS that offers a stripped-down ATS for free with a dozen of free features, including no contract, post job ads to social networks, job and candidate management tools, unlimited number of users, basic reports, online interview scheduler, mass email rejection tool, branded careers site, unlimited number of applications, telephone and email support, and mobile compatible. 

For better experiences, here are some of more AFFORDABLE applicant tracking systems you can try. 


Greenhouse offers a pricing plan that is based on the size of your company, giving you room to grow as your hiring needs change. Greenhouse is known for its structured hiring and interviewing approach. 

SAP SuccessFactors 

SAP is among the most popular ATS among the Fortune 500. Based on PcMag review, the pricing goes for USD 8 per user per month. For annual subscription, the starting price is USD 85 per employee. 


Datanyze revealed that iCIMS as one of the biggest ATS by market share with its platform is a content-generating machine. iCIMS focuses on automating communication and engaging candidates for an improved hiring experience. There is a free trial with the upgrading feature. 

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