Unique Ideas for Onboarding New Hires

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Stepping into a new place full of new faces, new environment, and new culture can be overwhelming for new employee. No wonder, an effective onboarding program becomes an important method to smoothen the process of integrating new employees into the team. Successful onboarding program should be able to deliver great employee experience to the new hires since day 1, even before they start working for real. Employee onboarding can be a good way to engage the new employee to the company and prepare them for the long journey ahead.

The goal of an onboarding program is to make the new hires build a sense of belonging that they are part of the organisation, by getting them acquainted with the company’s mission and values. It is essential for new hires to know better about the company they are working for, from its founder’s history to the policy and rules. Additionally, it is also important for the company to get to know their new employee’s personality to help them adjust in the team. Therefore, creating employee-centric onboarding program for new hires is necessary for a successful orientation process. Here are some unconventional ideas for it!

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‘First day’ program

The first day at work can be nerve-racking and daunting. Chances are, newbie tends to worry that they will end up leaving the wrong impression to their new team. To avoid such mindset, onboarding program on the first day must be done correctly. This can be started even before they enter the office door as you can inform them about the office dress-code, working hours, company customs, as well as remind them to bring all necessary paperwork or documents on their first day.

The company can also prepare a welcoming gift for new hires, such that they will feel accepted even from the first day. For example, you can give them a bottle of wine and a box of simple yet meaningful gift waiting at their new desk.

Show the culture

The next thing that should to be introduced to new hires is company’s values, culture, and necessary information about their job. By adding memorable and valuable experience to your new employees, you can leave a good impression about the company. For example, you can set up a brainstorming session and invite the new hires and senior leadership team to attend, or meet them with the CEO of the company.

The brainstorming session give them a chance to identify their personality by sharing and exchanging experiences. Moreover, they can obtain new knowledge that helps them to develop the right skill, attitude, and insight that fits with the company. This will demonstrate a supportive company culture that provides help for the workforce to improve, and in turn this will boost new employee engagement.

Give a company tour

Among the most crucial tasks of being a new employee is to recognise the new workplace. Then, an onboarding program should make sure that the new hires can feel comfortable with the new surrounding by giving a tour around the company. By doing so, you can introduce them to their new working environment, colleagues, and other miscellaneous stuff.

Bootcamp for the freshman

What is meant by bootcamp program is an event aimed to gauge whether the new hires are compatible with the company. By testing them to work on a certain project that will show their skill and ability, you will know if they have willingness to learn and move fast with company. The bootcamp program it will help improve engagement and productivity as well. Not to mention, it can encourage new hires to show their capability within the teamwork and help them hone their collaborative skill.  

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