How Can Playing Chess Improve Your Work Performance?

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How Can Playing Chess Improve Your Work Performance?
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You probably have heard that playing chess is good for the brain. Improving memory and cognitive abilities, preventing brain ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer, as well as raising IQs are among things chess can do to your thinking system. Now, do you know that playing chess can actually improve your performance at work, too? 

Don’t be so surprised. In this article, we’ll find out how playing chess can train your soft skills and leverage your career. Read on..

  • Planning

Chess is a game of planning, strategy, and tactics that demands players to know how to analyze possibilities. Playing chess teaches the importance of planning wisely for each move. One wrong move and you’re one step closer to losing. The more you are used to playing chess, your planning skill can be more exercised. Having this skill can get you far in your career, as you will be more careful in every of your actions and decisions. 

  • Circumspection 

In playing chess, it is important to anticipate possible threats from your opponent. The ability to stay alert is continuously trained when you play chess regularly. This also helps you judge with two way perspectives; not only should you plan your own move, but you also need to consider what the opponent plans to do. When you master this skill in your career, you will always see an issue from different points of view, thus anticipating possible risks that may arise. Once you are used to broadening your perspective, you will gain more understanding towards people and situations in the workplace as well. 

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  • Stress Management

Chess is a sport that requires less physical movement, but a lot of thinking. This can get stressful at times. However, for those who regularly play chess, the excitement outweighs the stress. Regular chess players are good at stress management, otherwise, they could not have a chance to win a tournament. This nature makes playing chess similar to working at the office. In a hectic and stressful environment, chess teaches you to remain focused and not panic, so if you can embrace this attitude in the workplace, it will stabilize your career and help you thrive as time goes by!

  • Perseverance

Unless you are a grandmaster, losing is bound to happen in playing chess. Not all chess games are easy to win, but it does not stop you from playing it, right? That is why chess teaches players to have hope and perseverance. Positions and moves that seem bad can turn out successful in the end, as long as you have patience and determination. Winning at the first few moves does not guarantee winning in the end, thus perseverance is mandatory in playing chess. At work, this characteristic will help you learn that winning takes time, you will be more patient and persistent if you want a career leap, for example.

  • Develops problem solving skill

Chess is all about defeating your opponent’s army and effectively defending your own to win the war. The ability to analyze problems and come up with effective solutions is essential to victory. Chess players are used to analyzing all scenarios and identifying possible options to make the next move. Needless to say, problem solving skill is naturally embedded in a chess player’s mind. In a professional setting, this skill is crucial  when challenges are inevitable so you have to find the best way out and get your job done. Having practiced the skill through playing chess, your ability to solve problems can get better as time goes by, hence improving your work performance.

There are plenty of benefits you can reap from playing chess regularly. Without you noticing, playing chess can improve work performance and sharpen soft skills that are useful for professional settings. The fact that these skills come off naturally from playing chess should be a good excuse to keep chess as your hobby after hours. For those who have not tried it, maybe this is the right time for you to start considering chess as your new hobby. Happy International Chess Day!

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