Choosing the Right Coffee for Your Work Activities

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Choosing the Right Coffee for Your Work Activities
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Are you one of those people who need a little bit of caffeine kick to start your day? Although there are many choices of coffee you can sip on a daily basis, some particular espresso-based drinks actually work better than others when it comes to boosting your activity. Whether you are going to have a hectic day at work or you are taking things slowly for your job, here is a simple guide on choosing the right coffee for your work activities.

Interesting Facts about Coffee

Prior to learning which coffee suits you best, some of these facts about coffee may fascinate you! 

  • According to the US National Coffee Association (NCA) survey, over 62% of American adults consume at least one cup of coffee every day. 
  • From the survey, it is revealed that coffee drinkers over the age of 65 are more likely to enjoy it at home. Meanwhile, most people under the age of 35 get their coffee from coffee shops or other places outside the house. 
  • Bloomberg research reveals that Millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000) love and cherish coffee culture, with 14% of them drinking an espresso beverage practically daily. This generation drinks 44 percent of all coffee in the United States.

Common Types of Coffee-based Beverages

There are so many variants of coffee-based beverages. Moreover, some coffee shops may have their own special coffee menu. This can be confusing even for coffee-lover, so it is best to settle with the old-school options. Here are some of the most popular products of espresso beverages that are typically served in your nearest coffee shops on the way to the office!

1 . Espresso Shot

This is the base and root of your coffee-based beverages. Espresso is a method of brewing coffee, where a little amount of near-boiling water is pushed under pressure through finely ground coffee. You do know that you can actually drink this straight on one shot, right? If you do not, well now you do, so no water or milk needed! This tastes like the ultimate kick of strong coffee once you gulp it. This type of shot is made using straight espresso, which most people find to be quite bitter and intense. 

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Due to its ‘strong’ sensation and taste, you can take this when you need that instant kick to keep your eyes open, such as if you need to be extra awake on long morning meetings or pull off an all-nighter. 

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2 . Americano

Cannot stand the idea or the act of drinking one shot of espresso straight, but you still need a coffee that is not mixed with milk? Try Americano! Also known as ‘black coffee’, Americano is  espresso mixed with hot or iced water. Since it has no addition other than water, it tastes intense and bitter, but definitely much less compared to espresso shots. If you need it to be a bit sweeter, you can add extra sugar to it.

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Americano is the classic go-to coffee for those who will endure a long day at work and need to sip coffee quite often, which is not possible when they opt for an espresso shot. This is also low in calories, so it is suitable for those who are on a weight-loss program without sacrificing coffee from their daily diet!

3 . Cafe Latte

Latte is the drink for you if you dislike the bitterness of espresso or Americano. A double shot of espresso is blended with steamed milk in a warm cup and decorated with froth to make the basic recipe. Steamed milk is typically used in a 2-to-1 ratio with espresso. Latte can be served hot or with ice, although you may risk losing the sweet-intense taste of latte once the ice melts.

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It is neither a shame nor a sin to put milk in your coffee; some people simply cannot take a plain shot of espresso, even when mixed with water like in Americano. This is a good choice for your go-to coffee at the office without tasting too strong or bitter. All coffee shops serve latte as their basic menu, so you should be able to find this menu everywhere.

4 . Cappuccino

A cappuccino is created with a shot of espresso and heated milk, similar to a latte. In contrast to the latte, however, the cappuccino does not contain froth on top. Glassy, smooth, glossy, and free of apparent bubbles, the milk usually appears when you order a cup of hot cappuccino.

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If you like hot coffee better than iced, a classic hot cappuccino can be your go-to choice. This type of coffee beverage is best served hot, unlike Cafe Latte that goes well in both iced and hot. Paired with a pastry like a croissant or pain aux raisin, your cappuccino will be a good combo to start your usual, not-so-busy day at the office.

5 . Cafe Mocha

What to order when you want a coffee with milk, but sweeter without any additional sugar? The answer is cafe mocha. Espresso with chocolate, steamed milk, and whipped cream makes up a cafe mocha, making it one of the sweetest espresso-based beverages. The usual formula for a cafe mocha is 1/6 cup espresso, 1/3 cup chocolate, 1/3 cup milk, and 1/6 cup foam.

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If you are having a slow, light day at the office, so you may not need that much caffeine kick, a cafe mocha will be a good work companion. This beverage is also a nice addition when you are on a casual first meeting with a new client when you meet outside of the office. 

According to some researchers, having 4–5 cups of coffee each day is ideal for physical wellbeing. The caution is that everyone is different and reacts to the beverage in various ways. Drinking too much coffee might have negative consequences in addition to its health advantages. Insomnia, anxiety, stomach problems, muscular breakdown, and caffeine addiction are all possible negative impacts. If you are having any of these symptoms, you should consider reducing your intake and seeking medical advice. 

Now that you know some types of coffee, which turn out to have different tastes and cater different needs, which one are you grabbing for tomorrow morning on your way to the office?

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