Analyze Your Mobile Apps Using Top Mobile Apps Analytics Tools

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For any business, numbers are extremely important as most strategy develops around them. Numbers could tell you about where to invest, how to plan strategy to influence potential customers, or how to plan to achieve success. For example, in a mobile app development company, details on the number of mobile apps, both installation and uninstallation counts, total reviews received, ratings and other important data are collected to calculate the revenue earned. Through results and feedback, one can get information on how many people were benefiting from the app or what channel was used to reach the app. All of the statistics will help you understand how your business is performing and this can help in defining the path to success.

Whether you are trying to build customer loyalty for your business or trying to attract potential users to spend cash on in-app purchases, using the right mobile app analytics tools can help you analyse and track users’ activity in order to understand their buying behavior. In other words, implementing the best analytics tool will keep you ahead in the game.

Here are some mobile app analytics tools that will suit your app. You can learn the features, pros and cons of the analytical tools, and then decide which one to choose.

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  • Google Analytics

Google Mobile App Analytics is perhaps one of the most popular website analytical tools available for both iOS and Android smartphones. This free tool offers mostly in-app analytics to all kinds of platforms. It can be regarded as a universal means of building all types of reports and you just need to sign in to your Google account to get your desired report. This tool measures user acquisition and lets you understand what users want from your app.

It also provides vital information related to the number of users, revenue earned, duration of the session, as well as operating system and devices used by the users. Even better, you can integrate Google Adwords and AdSense to get significant insights of your app. So, set up goals for your users and with Google Analytics check if they have been accomplished. The only disadvantage of this mobile app is that it is a little complicated to operate for first-time users.

  • Flurry Analytics

Flurry is another popular analytical tool that gives information on user experience in real time. It creates up to 10 analytical dashboards for users to monitor different kinds of readings right out of the box. It measures user acquisition, audience reach, user engagement, number of sessions and lengths, downtime statistics, and provides data on device and product version as well as event inside an app. But it does not display financial accounts of the app. However, it provides insight on your campaign’s performance and you can tweak and test accordingly.   

  • Countly

Compatible with a wide range of platforms, Countly is an open source, real time mobile app analytic tool. It has two editions – enterprise and community. The community edition is free while the enterprise edition is available for 30-day free trial. This tool is useful for marketing and enterprise analytics purposes. The tools offer insightful data on user attribution, retention, revenue and session frequencies. Some notable features of this tool include easy-to-use dashboard, automated push notifications, funnels and cohorts, powerful plug-in and easy tracking user segmentation. Countly is an innovative analytical tool and can be used by both small as well as big companies and developers.  

  • Localytics

With clients like Marvel, Sony, Bose, Bloomberg and Virgin, Localytics is one of the best analytical tools you can find. It is flexible with customisation and comes with a range of features, varying from retention analytics, capturing financial data, uninstall tracking, funnel tracking, user monitoring in real time, and segmentation by event parameters to smart targeting and marketing automation. Easy to use, you can easily understand user behavior in your app and with Localytics. This tool enables marketers to optimise app’s performance and provides location-based messaging solutions as well as customised notifications. Supported by all kinds of platform, this analytical tool is preferred by every customer from media, retail, travel and business. 

  • Mixpanel

Mixpanel is another potential mobile app analytics tool that helps you find out insightful information. The tool offers two different plans – engagement plan and people plan that is available in both free and paid versions. It supports both iOS and Android, with gamers and marketers as main targets. This event-based analytics tool features push notifications, extensive event tracking, funnel analysis, marketing automation, cohort analysis and more. It targets user acquisition and retention and captures timeline data in real time.

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Now that you have a good understanding of different mobile apps analytics tools, you can efficiently track all useful information related to your app. The more statistics you get, the more you will know about the metrics, the ways through which you can reach potential customers and users, and the improvements required on your mobile app to enhance its performance. When you have the right analytical tool, you can get correct data of how your business is performing and the data can act as a fuel for your business. Now that you know the importance of app analytics tools, choose the best that you think can benefit your business mobile app. A fully competent tool will give you great insight of your mobile app and help you earn great profits.

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