6 Affordable Perks for Employee Wellbeing

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Perks are sexy to have in an organisation. It is an attractive and effective attention-grabber for candidates out there. A survey by Clutch found that perks can actually help workers have better work-life balance, offer better development program, and control employees’ schedules. Among 507 full-time employees surveyed, more than half cited that perks in the workplace give them meaning for a quality life. And over 66 percent of employees who received perks are satisfied with their option of working in their current organisation. The same survey also revealed that flexible work is the highest and most important option among other perks. 

Flexible working, nap room, large rest space, vacation time, standing desk, social activities or gym membership are among the most common perks that should always be in your consideration when providing perks and benefits to employees. How about the new ones? You can discover it here. 

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Here are appealing and affordable perks that are unbelievably goods for the overall wellbeing of your employees.

Massage therapy

When is the last time your employees relax during work time? Chances are, it is difficult to feel relaxed when sitting on a chair facing the computer screen for almost 8 hours a day. Owing to this reason, offering massage therapy for employees at work can be a great perk.

Buy a few in-office massage chair or invite a massage therapist once every few months can help employees relieve their shoulder and neck. This can be a stress-relief, giving time for them to take a quick break from their roles. A short massage session for 10 to 15 minutes will rejuvenate back your employees, helping them tackle the rest of the day’s tasks


Another beneficial yet affordable perk is yoga class. We all know that practising yoga is a source of a healthy life. It helps build strength, awareness, and harmony in both mind and body, said Natalie Nevins, a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Besides the wellness benefits, yoga can help relieve stress, helping each individual in your organisation develop coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life. 

Walk challenge

Walking is a very cheap and beneficial way to be encouraged to your employees. In addition, walking is not only good for physical but also mental health as well. And with this simplest form of health benefit, let’s make it fun by making it as a challenge.

Every team (if possible every person) in your company should have smartwatches that can count their steps. At the end of every two or six months, every step of each employee of the same team should be summed up. Those with the most steps wins and the winner gets a treat or voucher to celebrate the fun.

Unlimited vacation time

Who does not dream of having vacation time and getting away from mounting tasks?

While “unlimited vacation” sounds alluring, there should be under clause statement here – if not, employees might mistake your words by taking as much as vacation time as they want while still being on the payroll. The statement should include that as long as employees meet their deadlines, goals, and deliver a satisfactory result, they are free to take as much vacation as they want.

This perk emphasises that you trust your workers to work better with higher driver of productivity and personal time. They will also be thankful as you treat them like a person who values and appreciates their personal yet maintaining their professional career advancement.

Financial program

Financial concern has haunted employees for quite a long time. This is also the number one stress factor for many people. Hence, helping employees cope with their financial situation is a very attractive perk. According to Fidelity survey, financial management programs and perks are hugely increasing because they are inexpensive and easy for an organisation to introduce. At the same time, 84 percent of companies that offer this perk showed an increase of 8 percent wellness result in their employees.

Free cooking class

Do you know that cooking has a huge benefit in improving our overall wellbeing? In corporate wellness programs, cooking helps employees to be more active, happier, and healthier in their lives. It also improves employee morale and loyalty while reducing absenteeism and workplace injuries. How so? Because by learning how to cook, employees can learn the basics of healthy food preparation, allowing them to live a healthier life. As a result of healthy employees, higher productivity and lower insurance costs are guaranteed. 

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