3 in 5 Singaporeans Chat on Messaging Apps During Office Hours

August 30, 201910:57 am729 views

While at work, 59 percent of respondents to the Michael Page Singapore Work Happy Survey 2019 said that they have conversations with friends and family via messaging apps on their mobile phone.

However, it didn’t take up a large percentage of their day, as 91 percent spent less than one hour on personal matters while at work, proving Singaporeans to be pretty productive. This also included chatting with colleagues on personal matters (46 percent) and scrolling through social media (25 percent).

This survey of 1,328 professionals in Singapore at all job levels also found that 70 percent of respondents responded to work calls and emails outside of office hours. 1 out of 2 felt that being issued work devices had a positive impact on their work-life balance. This allowed them to better embrace the mobile economy and more opportunities for flexible work arrangements.

Nilay Khandelwal, Managing Director, Michael Page Singapore says, “Work-life balance is an essential consideration for all professionals in Singapore. Success at work is now defined by what you can achieve both in and out of the office. Companies who can enable their employees to optimise work-life balance either by implementing policies or providing the necessary tools will gain an advantage in attracting talent.” 

In many ways the line between time in the office and time out is becoming blurred by the pressure to be constantly working. Time spent at an office desk can be alleviated by company-issued work devices. 86 percent of respondents in Singapore received a device from work, and the type of device varied from laptops (47 percent), smartphones (30 percent) and tablets (9 percent).

80 percent responded that they are happy with their work-life balance, suggesting that while there is a lot of hard work going on in offices around the country, there’s also a lot of living going on outside of them too.

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