8 Best Corporate Wellness Companies across Asia to Collaborate With

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Unarguably, investing in employees’ health and wellbeing is more important than ever before. Not only does it work as an attractive benefit to offer, but it also helps reduce healthcare cost within an organisation. As cited by HBR researchers, an employer can get an average return of investment about US$2.72 from every dollar invested in a wellness program. This return on investment is gained from improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs.

As a result, corporate wellness companies have sprung up in the last few decades, offering an array of different services and approaches. As a consequence, it becomes harder to choose which finest wellness companies to collaborate with.

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So, here we are, coming up with 8 best wellness provider that is available across Asia. These wellness corporations are picked based on review and program they offered. Without further ado, choose one that suits your needs.

Corporate Wellness Asia

Corporate Wellness Asia is a certificate corporation focuses on helping industries maximises their in-house wellness program. They work together with clients to plan and execute 10 step process to turn Workplace Wellness Initiative into a cost-saving, sustainable, measurable, and beneficial business strategy.

Their programs include wellness planning and implementation, wellness consulting, as well as nutrition and lifestyle education for staff. There are 4 packages offered, starting from US$320 – US$25,000

Client’s review by Towers Watson: “We could see a high motivation of our employees to make habit changes and share success stories with each other even weeks after the nutrition and lifestyle education workshop.”

Contact: +66 2 104 9225 or info@corporate-wellness.asia

Fit Corp Global

Fitcorp helps companies in their wellness program with 8 pillars that they have developed for over 20 years. The team is there to help clients achieve incredible results, lifestyle transformation through education, science, genetics, and nutrition. Their service is suitable for every size group, from ten to ten thousand and beyond.

The brands of Fit Corp Global include Fitcorp wellness, lifestyle health retreats, golf fitness institute, Aspire PT, Youth Performance Institute, Bangkok Bootcamp, and ASPATA.

Client’s review from Aspire club: “I really like this place. The people are interesting and friendly. Working out doesn’t seem like such a pain anymore because I enjoy being here.”

Contact: +66 2 229 4414 (tlp.); +66 818 044 335 (hotline); or web inquiry

CXA Group

CXA Group is an award-winning company for Best Corporate Wellness Provider in 2016 and 2017. CXA believes that modern business needs new and more effective ways to manage health and wellbeing of an ever-diversifying workforce. The program is aimed to help organisations enhance their engagement, streamline administration, and manage cost.

In their wellness program for companies, CXA combines a decade of their experience in the insurance, healthcare, technology, HR and finance industries to bring clients the best-in-class benefits broking and consulting services. You can get the price list after requesting a demo.

Client’s review by Meiqing Chin: “Following up was good and awesome. Jonathan is able to update me with the very up to date and willing to go extra miles of explaining to me in details with my policy, Turnover time was fast and I’ll continue to have my company service with them.”

Contact: detail information can be found here.

Virgin Pulse

Founded in 2014, Virgin Pulse is a tech-based wellness program that cultivates good lifestyles habits for employees. The company also won a gold medal for Best Corporate Wellness Provider category in Malaysia in 2017. As the best wellbeing solution provider, Virgin Pulse supports 7.5 million across 190 countries located around the world.

Client’s review by Kim McCracken: “Virgin Pulse speaks for itself. It is so easy to do. The website is the top-most important thing for employees and email communications are done very well. Employees understand everything completely.”

Contact: web inquiry

Fitness First Group

Fitness First is a wellness provider focuses on training employees through physical activities. For corporate collaboration, Fitness group offered a range of membership options to suit our needs. In addition, eligible companies might receive a corporate discount on company-paid memberships, employee-paid memberships, and hotel guest passes.

The programs include bioscore, a holistic analysis of your team’s health, fitness, and lifestyle. There is also an exclusive group exercise and inbody, inspirational and educational experience that sheds light on body composition.

Client’s review for Fitness First India: “Thanks to the Fitness First Epicuria team for the goodwill gesture and for creating a fun workout environment. Loving all the new equipment. Happy to have you open and enjoying the experience. Thanks, Team FF Epicuria!”

Contact: depends on location in each state

Wellnation Clinics

Wellnation Clinics is based in Australia and available only for Australian corporation. Unlike Fitness First, Wellnation clinic focuses on helping an individual improve their wellbeing through massage, yoga, and other wellness activities.

They offer treatments such as acupuncture, homoeopathy, myotherapy, naturopathy, nutritional medicine, and tui na treatment. For the detailed price, you can refer here.

Client’s testimony by Laura Simpson: “I’ve been attending the Melbourne clinic for naturopathy and myotherapy, the students are wonderful and professional and I’m seeing some fantastic results in my health, energy, and pain levels. Highly recommend!”

Contact: 1300 859 785

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