4 Tools to Monitor Remote Employees’ Productivity

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4 Tools to Monitor Remote Employees’ Productivity
4 Tools to Monitor Remote Employees’ Productivity

In this unprecedented time of Covid-19 crisis, employers are worried about their employees’ productivity. Questions like are my employees truly working at home or are they slacking off? are common among leaders. In fact, as many as 70 percent of organisations cited that their biggest concern for continuous remote working is a fall in productivity. 

However, with the right employee monitoring tools, you can keep track of remote employees’ productivity. HR in Asia shares monitoring tools that HR managers can use to monitor and track how much time employees spend on a specific task, site, or app which helps you get the idea of how productive your employees are during this work-from-home instruction. 

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Workpuls is a great tool to visualise team productivity. It provides companies with insights about time spent on projects, tasks and employees’ productive and unproductive activities. It also tracks time in apps and websites used, and optionally takes screenshots. It’s suitable for small business, enterprises and remote teams. There are monthly and annual pricing to choose from. 

Features: free trial option, deployment on Mac, web-based, cloud, SaaS, and windows, training available, 24/7 customer service. 

Time Doctor 

Time Doctor is among popular tracking software used by over 83,000 individuals, including Duke, Allstate, and KPMG companies. Time Doctor has advanced time tracking and attendance features. It especially suits a team of 20 to 500 employees. It is a web-based solution that provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, reminders, screenshot recording, invoicing, reporting tools, integrations and so much more. The pricing starts from $12/user per month with 14 days free trial (no credit card required). 

Features: free trial, deployment on Mac, web-based, Cloud, SaaS, Windows, Android, and iPhone/iPad, training available, 27/7 support and customer service. 


DeskTime is a simple and secure time tracking app that lets you increase your company’s effectiveness and productivity. It provides 14 days free trial with no credit card required. In addition, DeskTime could help managers and leaders see how their employees spend their time online and offline, track time by projects and automatically calculate employee’s costs based on worker’s hourly rates. The pricing starts from $5.94/user per month. The pricing is monthly and annually, and for those who subscribe annually can get a 1-month free option. 

Features: free trial, deployment on Mac, web-based, Cloud, SaaS, Windows, Android, and iPhone/iPad, training available (in person, live online, webinars, and documentation), 27/7 support and customer service. 


Kickidler is an employee monitoring and user activity tracking software which can securely track employees’ information security and increase business efficiency. It offers various applications, such as online computer monitoring, time tracking, productivity analysis, remote pc access, keylogger, etc. Kickidler can also be useful for optimisation of communications inside a company and remote working monitoring. There is a free version and it also offers a free trial. If you want to use full features, however, the price starts at $9.99/user per month. 

Features: free trial, deployment on Mac and Windows only, training available (in person and documentation), support and customer service online and during business hours. 

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