Cognizant Certified a Top Employer 2019 in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America

February 28, 20199:22 am1378 views

Cognizant has been certified a Top Employer for 2019 in Australia, Brazil and Singapore, as well as across ten European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.  This year marks the first time that France and Lithuania join the list.

The annual research by the Top Employers Institute recognizes leading employers globally that continuously optimize employment practices to provide an outstanding work environment, and develop and nurture talent.

The research cited Cognizant’s strong performance in talent strategy in Europe, Singapore and Brazil. Europe, including the new entrants, was also rated highly in the categories of workforce planning and on-boarding. In leadership development, and compensation and benefits, Australia and Singapore were top performers. Both also scored highly for workforce planning.  

“We are very pleased to be recognized again by Top Employers Institute, and to see more of our offices around the world joining the list. Our employees across Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America are all helping to drive significant growth for the company and achieved outstanding scores,” said Santosh Thomas, President, Global Growth Markets, Cognizant. “The company has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and we would not have reached this milestone without the dedication of our associates. We will continue to focus on providing the type of workplace culture and development opportunities that enable our associates to do their best work, and build successful careers with Cognizant.”

“We believe that Cognizant demonstrates exceptional employee conditions and encourages the development of these practices by putting their people first,” said David Plink, Chief Executive Officer, Top Employers Institute. “Organizations like Cognizant, who have been certified in various regions, are a shining example of policy alignment and dedication to enriching the world of work on a global scale.”

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