Cisco Ranked First in the 25 World’s Best Workplaces Survey

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Cisco Ranked First in the 25 World’s Best Workplaces Survey
Cisco Ranked First in the 25 World’s Best Workplaces Survey

This year’s ranking of the 25 World’s Best Workplaces has been published by leading global workplace culture authority Great Place to Work®, in partnership with Fortune.

For the first time, tech giant Cisco tops the list, replacing Salesforce which drops to No. 3, and global hospitality giant Hilton taking second place.

Michael C. Bush, the CEO of Great Place to Work Inc., celebrated the winners on this year’s list of the World’s Best Workplaces. “Congratulations to the World’s Best Workplaces,” Bush said. “It is a big challenge to build a high-trust culture that is great for employees in many countries across the globe. These organizations have bold leaders who have risen to the challenge–they are the vanguard showing millions of organizations worldwide that is possible and desirable to create a great place to work for all.”

To qualify for consideration in this year’s ranking, companies must appear on at least five of Great Place to Work’s national Best Workplaces lists, which are published with media partners in 58 countries and territories, and also must employ more than 5,000 workers globally. More than 8,000 organizations participated in the survey, representing the voices of more than 12 million workers worldwide. The full list of 25 companies can be found here.

The top 10 companies in this year’s list are:

1. Cisco

2. Hilton

3. Salesforce

4. DHL Express

5. Mars Inc.


7. EY

8. Stryker Corporation

9. SAS

10. Workday

In a separate Global Pulse Study, Great Place to Work surveyed more than 9,400 workers in 23 countries to learn more about the work experience at a diverse sample of companies across many industries.

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Some findings from the study:

  • The top 25 World’s Best Workplaces employ more than 300,000 people globally, and recent employee comments indicate that their work experience has increased more than five percent since Great Place to Work first began compiling this list nine years ago, with more than 85 percent saying that their company is a great place to work.
  • 46 percent of the global workforce say they do not experience the behaviors of a great workplace.
  • The World’s Best Workplaces are seeing stellar results, with 86 percent of their employees saying they intend to stay a long time, 88 percent say they are willing to give extra effort at their job, and 86 percent of workers say they can count on their colleagues to collaborate.
  • Among the employee comments from global companies not appearing on the World’s Best Workplaces list, only 56 percent say they are willing to recommend their employer to friends or family, 59 percent are willing to give extra effort, and only 59 percent say they can quickly adapt to changes at work.

To see the 2019 World’s Best Workplaces list and learn more about the Global Pulse Study, visit

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