BlackBerry Secures the Modern Workforce with New Digital Workplace

February 11, 20203:36 pm616 views
BlackBerry Secures the Modern Workforce with New Digital Workplace
BlackBerry Secures the Modern Workforce with New Digital Workplace

SINGAPORE – February 11, 2020 – BlackBerry Limited today announced BlackBerry® Digital Workplace, a secure robust workspace that provides users simple and secure online and offline access to corporate on-premise or cloud content including Microsoft® Office 365® resources.  

Remote anywhere, anytime access to company resources and data is what empowers a modern, mobile workforce. Using traditional VPN or classic VDI, however, can fail to effectively safeguard computers, enterprise networks and other endpoints against the growing threat of malware and other cyber-risks.  Based on BlackBerry’s Zero Trust Architecture, BlackBerry Digital Workplace eliminates the need for a VPN or VDI solution and provides continuous threat protection using artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable users to securely work anywhere and from any device. 

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BlackBerry Digital Workplace also enables the modern enterprise to protect more users by providing a turnkey solution to quickly onboard or offboard all users. Today’s workforce is often a mix of full-time employees, contractors, seasonal workers, remote workers, and partners. Organizations need a way to enable this wider range of users to easily access firewall-protected business resources using either company-managed devices or, increasingly, their personal devices.

With BlackBerry Digital Workplace, this mixed workforce can use their own devices to get to their corporate email, calendar and contacts, and remote desktop and files with many of the same capabilities they would have with a traditional corporate-owned and managed computer. IT can then easily wipe all corporate data from the device, such as at the end of a contract or in the event of an emergency – without having to worry about a complex enrollment and deprovisioning process.

“Unlike traditional workspace products that inhibit productivity in the name of security, BlackBerry Digital Workplace is easy to use and cost-effective, while simultaneously protecting users both online and offline,” said Billy Ho, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Products at BlackBerry. “Built for virtual workers in the digital age, this solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence alongside BlackBerry’s advanced networking and security features to give users an unparalleled level of productivity, security and flexibility.”

BlackBerry Digital Workplace integrates Awingu® to simplify access to Windows® and Linux® apps, desktops, corporate intranets, and SaaS and file shares.

“The combination of BlackBerry Desktop, CylancePROTECT® and Awingu makes a unique and highly competitive unified workplace solution which sets itself apart thanks to its end-to-end security focus,” said Walter Van Uytven, CEO of Awingu.

ConvergeOne, a leading IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions, has deployed BlackBerry Digital Workplace to ensure the security of the company’s data wherever it resides and control access to its business-sensitive data. 

“Our partnerships with BlackBerry and Awingu are critical to the success of ConvergeOne’s digital transformation and cybersecurity initiatives,” said Collin W. Buechler, Information Security & Compliance Officer at ConvergeOne. “The two solutions provide not only the security required for all of our clients but also access to business-critical applications and functions for our team members no matter their device or location. This gives us a level of control and productivity that hasn’t yet been possible until now.”

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