UOB Malaysia Launches Learning & Development Programme to Help Its Employees Succeed into the Future

March 3, 20204:54 pm1703 views
UOB Malaysia Launches Learning & Development Programme to Help Its Employees Succeed into the Future
UOB Malaysia Launches Learning & Development Programme to Help Its Employees Succeed into the Future

United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) has launched a holistic learning and development programme, titled ‘Better U’, to help its more than 3,000 employees build successful careers in the digital age. As the financial services sector undergoes digital transformation, the Better U programme reaffirms the Bank’s long-term commitment to provide its people with meaningful careers and to support them in their development journey. 

Given that job roles will continue to be redefined by new technologies, the Better U programme identifies five core competencies essential for UOB Malaysia employees to remain relevant in the future. Through a 12-week foundation course, all UOB Malaysia employees will complete modules aimed at encouraging a growth mindset, developing complex problem solving skills, as well as acquiring skills in the fields of digital innovation, human-centred design and data story-telling. These five core competencies, which form the bases for future learning and employability, will enable employees to decide with greater certainty which routes of continued learning and technical specialisation they would like to take.

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To cultivate a habit of continual learning among its employees, the 12-week course is designed using behavioural science insights and training best practices. For example, many modules have been designed as games or interactive team-based formats for a more engaging learning experience. Almost all the modules are digital so that employees can embark on their learning journeys at their own convenience.

Mr Lai Tak Ming, Executive Director and Country Head of Human Resources, UOB Malaysia, said that the Better U programme is part of the Bank’s long term approach to nurturing talent and to empowering its people through learning and development. 

“New technologies will continue to impact the way in which banking solutions are designed, developed and delivered. As such, we want to prepare our people not only for the industry’s needs today but for the future as well. Through the Better U holistic development programme, our people will be equipped with both the skills needed to navigate the future demands of work and be empowered to build successful, long-term careers.”

Paving the way for career progression through specialised learning tracks and further education

UOB’s Better U programme is a training initiative that covers soft skills as well as digital and data skills. The programme is accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore (IBF), an industry association that fosters and develops the professional competencies of the financial industry. UOB Malaysia employees will be awarded a UOB-IBF Certificate of Achievement upon completion of the foundation course. They will also be able to pursue specialised learning tracks or educational opportunities that are aligned with their capabilities and interests. They can also apply for sponsorship from the Bank to advance their education up to a Master’s degree.

UOB’s Better U programme suggests learning tracks to guide employees who may not know the area in which they wish to specialise. The Bank has introduced two progression pathways in the areas of Data Management and Project Management and will expand the range of specialised learning tracks over the next three years.

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