Women Career Roadblocks: Scaling Up Without Giving Up on Your Family?

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Balancing between work and family responsibilities might sound difficult for most women. When starting a new family, women are often required to let go of their professional careers and put their family first. Leaving a hard-earned career could seem like a daunting experience, women end up juggling between work and family. The problem is, this process is easier said than done.

With amassed economic demands, more women are now brought back to the workforce, including mothers to help them grow in their careers. However, being a full-time working mother means you will have to leave your children with a nanny or grandparents at home. Owing to which, mothers at work often feel guilty and stressful for not been able to give enough time to their family and children.

What makes it worse further, in an era where productivity and efficiency is the business norm, women find it increasingly difficult to balance and juggle between their professional and personal lives.

At one point, while women are aware of life demands as a caretaker of the family, as a human being, they also want to express themselves and develop their professional growth prospects and grow in their careers as well. Given such challenging situations, women are mostly torn apart between two lives, bearing the double burden. While prioritising is the key to help women balance both lives, there are actually some quick hacks where you can tweak this never-ending issue.

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Here are some tips on how you can scale up in your professional careers without giving up on your family:

  1.    Define your goals clearly

Starting a family does not mean that you have to step back in your career. First, you have to define your goals. What are your priorities? What do you want to achieve at work? What do you want to achieve at home? When you have set both professional and personal plans, you don’t have to be so stressful when making decisions related to these issues.

  1.    Stay flexible

Sometimes, life does not work out as you planned. Therefore, while it is crucial to focus and stick to your initial plan, you should stay flexible, too. There are times when you have to compromise on things and just accept the fact – imbalance is unavoidable.

  1.    Share responsibilities

You might think that you can do it all. Well, you are wrong. It takes two people to build a healthy and harmonious relationship. Hence, don’t sweat it out all by yourself and involve your husband to take care of the children or share the house chores.

It is equally important that you communicate about your condition at work, with your immediate supervisor, co-workers and senior manager, so they can lend a helping hand to lessen your workload.

  1.    Know your limits

Being a full-time employee and a mother at the same time requires dedication, energy, and emotion. Hence, it is important to know your limits, understand what you can and cannot do. When you feel under the weather due to work fatigue or stress, don’t tough it out. Take some time to pause the routine, get some quality time for yourself, and refresh your mind.

  1.    Establish boundaries

Sometimes, the boundaries between work and family are so blurred that you cannot separate them properly. Establishing clear boundaries at work means to protect your dedicated time at work from family distraction, and vice versa. With clear limitations between the two, it will be easier to manage your time effectively.

Undeniably, balancing between taking care of your family and elevating your professional career path is not an easy task to accomplish. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to resolve this issue, since every woman has their own term and conditions.

However, many successful women prove that achieving top leadership positions in their career, while effectively managing family is not a mere pipe dream. All you have to do is to sketch out a clear plan, focus on it, get organised, and eventually find the right balance between family and career.

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