What should be the “Ideal Office Setting” for Creativity to Grow?

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Want to fuel creativity in the workplace and keep your employees happy and engaged? It may be time to rethink your creative workspace. What kind of office setting sparks the most creativity?

According to research by staffing firm The Creative Group, managers and employees don’t see eye to eye. When asked what the ideal work environment is for on-the-job innovation, the top response among advertising and marketing executives was an open-concept space. Employees, however, seem to prefer more alone time, with a private office being the most popular option.

“Different tasks call for different work environments,” said Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group. “Office design should be closely tailored to an organization’s needs and a team’s primary duties. The main goal for employers should be to create a space where staff members feel comfortable and engaged, and can perform at their best.”

(PRNewsFoto/The Creative Group)

(PRNewsFoto/The Creative Group)

Here are four ideas for creating a more stimulating work environment for creativity to breathe and grow:

  1. Offer distraction-free creativity zones. Designate a few areas in the office for brainstorming and impromptu meetings. Stock each space with industry publications and an easel pad to jot down ideas.
  2. Offer private sanctuaries. While open floor plans can increase collaboration among employees, some projects require greater focus and concentration. Provide stations where individuals can work in solitude without distraction.
  3. Build a mood board. Encourage team members to post content they find intriguing to a common wall where others can draw inspiration. Also invite staff to take photos of anything they might want to reference for future projects.
  4. Think outside the office. Sometimes the most creative workspace isn’t inside an office at all. When feasible, think about holding team meetings in a nearby park, courtyard or cafe. Encourage employees to take a stroll outside or through a museum when they’re working out a creative problem.

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And if you aren’t able to provide private offices for solitary work, give your employees the permission to work offsite at times. After all, a change of scenery and some focused alone time is often all it takes to spark the imagination.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to create workspaces that inspire creativity. You can also place a mood board in your creative brainstorming rooms to convey a strong message that can both inspire and intrigue. All you need to do is, allocate a common wall for all team members to join and pen down their thoughts and ideas for the day.

Ologie’s marketing director Dawn Marinacci believes, “Displayed thinking also inspires collaboration. With work up on the wall, people can’t help but think about it and talk about it. And that’s when new ideas emerge — often the valuable insights that take work from good to great. Better yet, as people discuss what they see, they start making connections they otherwise wouldn’t.”

While all of these might not be feasible for organisations to implement, you can carefully choose to adopt some. However, do provide your staff with adequate amount of private time, flexibility and care to encourage creativity to flow into the team workings.

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