Thinking of a Career Change? Consider These Jobs

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Thinking of a Career Change? Consider These Jobs
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Considering changing your career direction, but have no idea which industry is worth pursuing? This could be the problem of many talents. Workplace disruption brought by the pandemic has triggered more individuals to revisit their career choices, with many ending up making a career change after some great consideration and evaluation. Needless to say, switching careers is no easy cake. Many are worried that they may not have enough time to start and make money from scratch. 

If you are in the similar dilemma, here is a list of prospective careers worth considering for your next career move. What makes them better, you can quickly dive into these roles without having to learn all over again in college.

1 . Junior Data Analyst

Without an IT degree, you will need to pursue self-education to start working as a data analyst. Since you will go from a junior or entry-level position, it will take more time to climb the leadership ladder compared to those with a bachelor’s degree in Data Analysis. As a junior data analyst, your major role will be to assist upper-level analysts on retrieving data, cleaning, and classification. Junior analysts often help with data input in databases and data processing for clients. You will need to comprehend at least one programming language, be able to understand how data differs in each business, and be ready to attend data science classes. This can be studied through online courses that come with certifications. 

2 . Programmers

Now that every line of business operations heavily rely on software and applications, the amount of computer science graduates may not meet the demand for programmers to hire. This makes room for those with programming expertise, although they may have no bachelor’s degree in computer science, to secure a job as programmers. Programmers design, develop, and test the code that enables computer programs and applications to work. They need to be fluent in a number of computer languages, such as Java and C++. While many programmers have a bachelor’s degree, some just require an associate degree or significant coding knowledge and experience. Programmers may also become certified in specific programming languages, such as specializing as a Golang developer. Programming jobs usually allow remote working, so this is a good career path if you are looking for more flexibility. 

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3 . UX Designer

Being one of the most in-demand jobs for these past few years, a UX Designer job should be in your list if you want a new career that requires no bachelor’s degree. UX designers make programs that users like and desire to use. They analyze and optimize programs (typically web-based) to enhance usability and produce the best user experience by experimenting with various techniques to solve end-user problems. Educational systems are struggling to keep up with the demand for teaching new, cutting-edge skills like User Experience (UX) design. While 90% of UX designers had a degree, just a small percentage had a degree related to UX design. This emphasizes the notion that anyone with a quick learning curve may discover their career here. 

4 . SEO Content Writer

If you are an avid reader who happens to love writing, you can consider a new career as a content writer. Although many content writers possess bachelor’s degrees in Literature, Journalism, and other related majors, you can still secure a job as a content writer without it. The most viable way to do this is by learning the in-demand additional expertise in content writing, which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In exchange for a lack of bachelor’s degree, take 6 months up to a year of consistent learning through online courses and certifications for SEO writing. You can also add a few months worth of internship as a SEO content writer to build your personal portfolio on top of your expertise in SEO. Employers favor expertise and proven experience as much as they favor a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

5 . IT Support Specialist

If you are a people-person, but reluctant to take on the huge responsibility of becoming a public relation officer, then you can consider a career as an IT support specialist. This suits you best if you happen to be keen about trying out an IT job. IT support specialists help individuals and businesses with computer hardware and/or software. They may also help fellow IT experts inside a company or non-tech employees with their IT problems. A college degree is not usually required for computer support experts. However, they must have a keen IT expertise as well as communication and interpersonal abilities to support individuals within a business. They can also possess a specific IT course completion or have an associate degree so they can still be relevant for this position.

2021 is almost over. If you are planning to make a career swift, now is the perfect time. But before you jump into a final decision, make sure to think about the options carefully so you won’t regret it later on. Best of luck!

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