Passion at Work: Is it Important?

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Have you ever felt unhappy while doing your job? The lack of enthusiasm makes it feel heavy to drag your body to the office. The dimming motivation makes you put on a sullen face with a glass of hot Americano on your left hand while trying to stay awake during the day. When you arrive and sit on your desk, you keep thinking that this job does not suit you, that you should not be there in the first place. But then, you also realise that it might be too late to find your passion and embark on an entirely new career direction.

If this describes your current internal battle of whether you should stay or move on, here are some insights about what passion is, how, and why it is important to work with passion.

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What is your passion?

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

As what Steve Jobs said, the key to have a great performance at work is to love what you do. When you enjoy every single effort you make to finish your job, it means that you should have passion in it. Passion itself is when you find something that will develop you to be a ‘better you’ and also give you an excitement when doing your job so you will complain less during the process.

However, for most people, it is not easy to define their passion. When you are seeking your passion, you have to see it from the right perspective. Because if you are convinced that finding a passion is hard or that it will not work out for you, you will miss the signs that would bring you to your real passion. Or maybe you can find the answer from people around you who give you a compliment for something that you never think you are good at. But it is more important to understand what makes us happy, because most of us knows exactly who we are and what would make us the happiest. You just have to notice what you love and what makes you are willing to spend your time with more joy.

Discover your passion through hobbies

It is always fun to do your hobbies, right? It is something that makes your heart pounding in happiness and lights you up amidst your boring routine. If passion is all about doing something you love, then why not making a career out of your hobbies? This might work for some people, but you need to be realistic about whether your hobby could actually give you a new career. Therefore, when you start considering to make your hobby as a career, first you have to know what you should do to make it happen and figure it out as this actually could be an opportunity.

Finding by Doing

Sometimes, some people put a pressure on themself to find their passion. But how could you find something that makes you happy and passionate about if you already stressed up while trying to discover it? Then, you have to try letting yourself open to try out new things you might enjoy. Do not be afraid of getting it wrong, because at least you have try instead of doing nothing and trapped in an unhappy job.

Then, is it important to have passion in your career?

The answer for that question can be a yes and no. Because you cannot deny the fact that with passion, you can achieve your best potentials and give your best performance rather than when you are working without passion. But in other hand, for some people it is more important to be realistic too and doing what you have to do instead of doing what you love to do. In the end, it depends on what you think is better for your own life.

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