Mobile Hiring: 4 Excellent Tips to Optimise the Hiring Process

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The days where people only use mobile phone to send texts and make voice calls have long gone. Nowadays, a lot of thing can be done with a single touch from a smartphone. From booking online taxis, shopping groceries, watching on-demand movies, to ordering foods, you can do everything from the comfort of your home.

The advancement of mobile technology has also changed the recruitment process as more and more are relying on mobile devices for the purpose of job search. A study commissioned by Indeed revealed that jobseekers prefer to use their mobile devices for searching for jobs as it is easier and more accessible anywhere anytime. Jobseekers in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan took the top spot for using mobile to search for jobs (80 percent). Half of population in the U.S. (60 percent) and Canada (50 percent) also surfed jobs through mobile devices.

These findings underlined the urgency for business leaders to optimise their recruitment by improving mobile hiring strategy in order to reach global talents. Yet, jobseekers said that they face three barriers when applying jobs via mobile device; it is easier to apply from desktop/laptop (69 percent), many company career sites & job listings aren’t mobile-optimised (38 percent), and fear they are more likely to make a mistake (37 percent). It becomes a homework for business leaders to address these issues so they can deliver better candidate experience during the recruitment process.

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Here are some tips on how to optimise mobile job postings for your business:

Simplify navigation and application process

Complicated navigation on mobile job listings often confuse applicants. Therefore, you should produce a simpler navigation by reducing long copy page, using images, and creating process with limited clicks. Providing informative images on your job posting will interest applicants more. You should also make sure that jobseekers can apply directly via their mobile device easily.

Create brief and accessible information

With simple navigation, you should provide concise information about the job. In order to do that, you can use active voice, put action verb, put wordy phrases on a diet, reduce prepositional phrases, avoid ambiguous nouns, as well as avoid unnecessarily inflated words.

Furthermore, make your contact visible to job hunters. They are more likely interested in a job posting where they can get immediate answer for uninformed information. So, make sure they can call or send you email as soon as they have done reading description.

Optimise the use of social media

Most of social media can be accessed through mobile devices, and you should use this advantage to promote your job postings. You can post mobile-friendly updates and links to job openings and other related information on the company’s official social media accounts. Additionally, optimising your mobile site for readable text, easy access and click for everyone’s finger, require less scrolling is a must to attract applicants.

Take mobile recruiting to higher level

Lastly, you should optimise the use of mobile phone as today’s Millennials are more attached to their phones for most of the time. You can do this by giving text notifications to your job posting subscribers and applicants. As a result, your job postings can be seen by them.

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