Majority Employees Globally See Growth Opportunities as the Most Important Workplace Value

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Majority Employees Globally See Growth Opportunities as the Most Important Workplace Value
Majority Employees Globally See Growth Opportunities as the Most Important Workplace Value

These days, core values have become the DNA of every company from various sectors of industries. It is significant to set core values deliberately, follow them seriously, and implement them to take control and shape the behavior of your employees. Most of the companies focus on the technical competencies and miss out on the essential accomplishments that make their organizations run smoothly. Thus, it is important to establish strong core values that provide both internal and external benefits to the firm.

As today more and more employees are talking about workplace values. Identifying and putting up the right values to practice has become challenging. For the same reason, GoodFirms had conducted a profound Employee Engagement Survey to known what kind of satisfaction, workplace values, and perk the employees are expecting from their companies.

In this survey, the employees of all generations were asked to rate the importance of 9 job qualities as either “very important,” “somewhat important,” “it’s okay,” “not that important,” or “not important at all.” 

Thus, considering the ratings of employees, it was revealed that the majority of employees voted up for 5 job values as very important. Growth opportunities (73.62 percent), work aligned with interests (71.40 percent), fair treatment at the workplace (70.87 percent), work-life balance (70.60 percent), and friendly boss/colleagues (69.53 percent).

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Some employees rated for the other 5 workplace values as somewhat important that are good salary (31.76 percent), jolly work environment (31.23 percent), job security (25.46 percent), working in an innovative company (24.93 percent), and work-life balance (19.82 percent).

GoodFirms surveyed about 750+ fulltime employees from all sizes of companies around the globe. The participants were from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, Poland, Singapore, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, and others. All employees were asked several questions such as what is the most important workplace values, best employee perks, fair compensation for a low salary, company culture, job satisfaction, bullying at the workplace, and reasons why employees quit.

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