Happiness and Health Top Indicator of Success among Singapore Professionals

March 21, 20189:52 am2069 views

As the old adage says, money cannot buy happiness. Professionals in Singapore seem to acknowledge that financial matter is not necessarily the only thing that define job satisfaction at work. They realise that everyone might have different perception toward the definition of success and how to achieve it, recent study found.

According to a survey commissioned by LinkedIn, the majority of Singapore professionals (76 percent) rank happiness as the top indicator of success. Health is also listed on the list, with 74 percent respondents see it as an important thing.

Interestingly, aspects of career progression were not included in the top things on what defines success. For example, less than half respondents (46 percent) mentioned promotions as an indicator of success. Only one in three professionals (31 percent) listed pay raises will define success, while a six-figure salary got 35 percent, Business Insider reports.

Involving some 18,191 professionals across 16 countries and 1,113 respondents were based in Singapore, the study revealed that young professionals between the ages of 18 and 24 are found to be more pessimistic about their current levels of success. Only 40 percent respondents surveyed consider themselves as successful. As many believe that achieving success takes time, 71 percent respondents aged 55 and above viewing themselves as successful.

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Additionally, the survey noted that the indicator of success also tends to shift with age, along with changing priorities in life. Around 39 percent younger professionals saw marriage as a success indicator, while only 17 percent older professionals between 45 and 54 shared the same view. 44 percent young professionals also consider that being able to earn a six-figure salary as an indicator of success, while only 20 percent of those aged 55 and above are motivated by fat paycheck.

On the other hand, leisure time and having solid social network ranked high across all age groups. Overall, respondents listed traveling (59 percent) and having good friends (53 percent) among top indicators of success.

When asked about what barriers impede them from success, some 27 respondents aged 45 and above perceived age as the biggest obstacle to success, while fewer younger professionals (11 percent) felt that way.

Regarding to the findings, LinkedIn’s senior director of brand marketing and communications for Asia Pacific and China, Roger Pua said, “To many of us, success may no longer just be about scoring that promotion, pay increase or other status symbols like a corner office, if at all.”

“Interestingly, we find that professionals also find fulfillment and feel successful in many other ways, reflecting their different lifestyles. It could be getting enough quality time outside of work with the people you love, for example or feeling a sense of belonging in their communities.”

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