Best Google Career Certificates to Pursue in 2022

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Best Google Career Certificates to Pursue in 2022
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2022 is just a few weeks away! If you’re aiming to learn new skills as part of your New Year’s resolutions, then why not pursue new career certificates? Amidst the tight job market and continuous needs for upskilling, obtaining Google Career Certificates will help you remain competitive. With many options of training being offered, it can be challenging to find one that suits your necessities and improve your overall career. Rest assured as HR in Asia has curated some of the best Google Career Certificates that will help you thrive higher next year!

About Google Career Certificates

Google Career Certificates are Google’s commitment to educate more people about cutting-edge technology and prepare them for a variety of professions. The most important benefit of these certificates is that they will provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date qualifications. Given that Google is dominating the Internet globally, earning these certificates will be extremely beneficial because they can be the benchmarks for being competent in many IT-related fields. They will provide you with practical understanding of all essential Google software, allowing you to easily implement the knowledge in any type of job.

1 . Google Cloud Platform Certifications

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certifications is intended for professionals who perform around or with the Google Cloud Platform; where the certification appears to be quite beneficial for career and self-improvement. This certification has earned greater popularity among professionals while keeping a low certification fee and a straightforward single test for the examinations. Participants will learn how to utilize GCP services and pre-trained machine learning APIs to construct safe, scalable, and intelligent cloud-native apps through a combination of talks, demos, and hands-on labs. Learners can complete labs in their preferred language, such as Node.js, Java, or Python.

You can register to get this certification here.

2 . Associate Android Developer Certification

Associate Android Developer Exam demonstrates the type of competence that a passing level or starter level Android Developer must possess before deploying their career. By passing this presentation-based exam and earning the Associate Android Developer Certification, you are qualified and equipped with skills on Android development. One of these prominent career certificates can get you to master home screen widgets, third-party libraries, and other features, you can also make your apps more responsive and provide a more complete user experience. Gain knowledge on how to integrate rich media thoroughly, test user experiences, and publish to Google Play.

You can register to get this certification here.

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3 . Google IT Support

This certification offers cutting-edge coursework that will prepare you for an entry-level position in IT support. When you finish the course and pass the tests, you will earn a CompTIA and Google dual credential. You will also learn network services such as DNS and DHCP that aid in the operation of computer networks, as well as cloud computing, everything as a service, and cloud storage. After earning the certificate, you will be able to share your information with major employers such as Cognizant, GE Digital, Hulu, Infosys, Intel, KForce, MCPc, and even Google itself.

You can register to get this certification here.

4 . Google IT Automation with Python

Google created this beginner-level, six-course credential to educate IT workers with in-demand skills such as Python, Git, and IT automation. This course is intended to teach you Python programming and how to use Python to automate typical system administration activities. You will also learn how to utilize Git and GitHub, diagnose and debug complicated problems, and leverage configuration management and the Cloud to automate at scale. You will be able to maintain the history of your code in Git and communicate with others on GitHub, where you will also begin to create your own portfolio. When you finish all of the program’s courses, you’ll receive a Certificate to share with your professional network, as well as access to career assistance tools to help you get started in a new job. 

You can register to get this certification here.

5 . Google Adwords Certification

Last but not least, one of the best google career certificates is Google Adwords Certification. For marketers, Google Ads certification is a significant qualification. It is a practice by which Google recognizes marketers as online advertising professionals. There are six exams to follow in order to make the best out of this certification:

  • Fundamentals Certification
  • Search Advertising Certification
  • Display Advertising Certification
  • YouTube Advertising Certification
  • Mobile Advertising Certification
  • Shopping Advertising Certification

Your Google Ads accreditation will be valid until the expiration of the product area certification. The certificates are valid for a period of one year. To renew your certification, you must retake and pass the certification assessment in the relevant product area.

You can register to get this certification here.

It is quite certain that IT skills are in-demand nowadays and will continue being so up until 2022 onwards. Even if you do not hold any bachelor degree in IT, these certifications will be of help to keep you upskilled and make the best out of your career journey. Now that you have a better insight about which Google Career Certificates to pursue, are you ready to thrive higher?

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