Avoid Overworking with These 5 Free Online Timer Apps

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Avoid Overworking with These 5 Free Online Timer Apps
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Ever felt like 24 hours are simply not enough to get your job done, no matter how much time you have spent on it? If you have, be careful: you might be overworking. 

Overworking is a situation when you have too much on your plate that you start losing boundaries of time, forcing yourself to work outside your working hour. Overworking is not a badge of honor that equals productivity, because engaging in this act will only do more harm than good in the long run. It is important to keep track of your working hours and make sure you do not exceed a specific number of working hours in a day. Nowadays, there are plenty of helpful tools to help you track your work efficiency. Here are some recommendations of online timer apps you can use for free to boost productivity and avoid burnout from overworking.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is based on the Pomodoro Technique; the timer ticks down in 25-minute increments, then it will remind you to take a break before returning to your work. Manual task tracking is being used so you can specify the project you want to work on, choose the corresponding client, and then allow Focus Booster to operate in the background. This tool does not turn off distractions automatically. Apart from what you input manually, it does not retain tasks or activity details. Focus Booster is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. 

The starter plan with considerable features is free, while the pricing for a professional plan with more complete features starts at $4.99 a month.


Toggl is a user-friendly online timer with a great reporting feature. If your team is highly reliant on reporting and analysis, this is an excellent way to collect reliable data about how your team members spend their time. The software also supports addressing a typical issue with work timers: forgetting to start the clock. Set up tracking reminders so that employees see a popup if they begin working without first recording their time. While no built-in productivity tracking capabilities are available, you may still assess your team’s productivity based on the time it takes to accomplish tasks and projects. You may also look at relevant indicators such as your labor expenses by project or time spent per client.

Toggl is available for both PC and mobile use for all types of operating systems. The free plan is available with moderate features, while comprehensive features are available in 3 types of plans: starter, premium, and enterprise. The cheapest paid plan starts at $9 a month.

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Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that allows teams to perform more effectively. Rather than just measuring total working hours, you can track the amount of time spent on each individual task. That means you can readily see where there are productivity obstacles preventing your team from completing tasks. You may also use the app to measure everyone’s daily productivity in a percentage report. This assessment of productivity is based on keyboard and mouse movements.

The free plan is available with moderate features and more comprehensive features are available in 3 types of plans: starter, premium, and enterprise. The cheapest paid plan starts at $7 a month.


If you are looking for a simple online timer, which is a lot like a stopwatch, but with more assisting tools, Timerdoro may see fit. It has the ability to build sequences of separate timers. You are not restricted to only one countdown at a time, unlike other timer software. With Timerdoro, you may set a 25-minute timer to notify you when your Pomodoro session has finished, as well as an alarm to strike every 3 minutes to notify you when it’s time to move on to the next task. You may also use it to balance your time between projects, whether or not you utilize the Pomodoro approach. Simply set a series of timers to any time limit you choose.

What makes Timerdoro interesting other than its simple interface is that it is free. Timerdoro is available for all operating systems since it runs on a website, which eliminates the need to do the installation on your PC.


HourStack is similar to Timerdoro’s time cards in functionality, but it is far more extensive. This online timer focuses a strong emphasis on planning. It may be used to plan your week and simply allocate duties to your team. It is also a useful tool for managing workloads because it shows which days are already filled and which have the capacity for new activities. The reporting function offers a useful dashboard that displays each employee’s projected capacity, allocated task, and amount of work completed. HourStack can be quite useful if you believe that task management is impeding your productivity.

A free trial is available for new users of HourStack. If you like this app, two paid plans are available: personal $12 a month and Team $15 a month.

Productivity does not come from simply using an online timer. You must examine work trends and actively manage your team’s behavior in order to get more projects done. These recommended work timers can help you recognize which areas need improvement, but it is up to you to make the necessary changes. You cannot change your work habits overnight; but the more you utilize your online timer, the better it will become.

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