A Better Way to 2019: 9 Resolutions You Should Consider in Your Career

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New Year, new me. New Year is often seen as an opportunity to forget the past and open new beginnings. No wonder, many people are welcoming 2019 enthusiastically by making a set of wishes of what they want to achieve in New Year’s resolution. Johnny C. Taylor Jr., a human-resources expert, said to USA Today that many employees are taking stock of their accomplishments and careers in this New Year resolution  – it includes setting new goals, landing new jobs, taking new responsibility, or even moving to new city.

While many might have already set their goals in mind and are ready to work on making them true, some others might be still confused of what they want to do this year. Whether you belong to the first or second type of person, here are some of Johnny’s suggestions you should consider to put in your ‘New Year revolution list’ in order to advance your career.

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#1  Put yourself out there

Be the change and start connecting with or joining community of young professionals out there. You should be able to meet like-minded peers and able to exchange ideas and learn more about opportunities for your career growth.

#2  Learn something new

The words like New Year, new knowledge should be taken seriously. You should take opportunity to pick up new skills by attending more seminars, continuing education, or simply finding and practicing new hobbies. It will not only improve your skills, but also fill gaps in your knowledge. If there is any, you should also take advantage of your employer’s tuition-assistance program and take classes toward an advanced degree.

#3  Be more patient

Having aspiration is important but chances are, if you rush your time, it will only give you disappointment and failure. Therefore, you should keep in mind that success does not happen overnight. You need to embrace the step and keep working towards your goals. As good as possible, expose yourself to new people, places, and things to gain power, network, and knowledge.

#4  Become an expert on your employer

To become an expert at oneself, it needs time and effort. Also, it is always about learning, and you should familiarise yourself with your company’s mission, vision, and goals. You can as well challenge yourself to gain more knowledge about your company by exploring new products or services. It also often means that you should open up yourself to new people or employees outside your department, read that annual report, attend annual meeting as well as follow the latest news.

#5  Don’t be afraid to fail and, but be afraid to quit

You’ll never know the time you’ll be a successful person. It can be that last step or another step of your efforts. Therefore, you should never quit – but just say you want to take some rest. You should also be willing to take risk and stretching your wings in order to achieve your success.

#6  Give yourself a break

Schedule a vacation every once in a while because taking time-off is crucial. It helps avoid burnout and boredom that often comes from dull routine. It also helps organise and maintain work-life balance. And do you know that healthy employees are those who use their in-office time more effectively and more productive? Be one of them.

#7  Refresh your online presence

Time to look again your online profiles in order to ensure they align with your professional aspirations. You can also consider to buy your own domain and creating professional portfolio for documenting your experiences and successes.

#8  Be financially savvy

You should start investing in your career growth by being financially savvy. To do so, you can connect with your human resources department to learn more about advantages and benefits offered by your company. HR department can also show you how to contribute to your savings each day period. A direct deposit makes it easier to designate amounts of your pay checks to different accounts, including savings. So, you can peacefully set and watch your savings grow.

#9  Commit to your goal

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second month. You should not be one of them. Whether your goals are about learning something new, taking new project, getting promotion, or something else, you should do the work required to make them happen. Therefore, just like love, you should also commit to your goals.

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