Supporting Employee’s New Year’s Resolution

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Supporting Employee’s New Year’s Resolution
Supporting Employee's New Year's Resolution

Everyone is expecting New Year to be better, wonderful, and excellent – better than the previous year. So people start planning new goals for a new life. Your employees might also have aimed to achieve something greater for the New Year such as getting a higher promotion or living a healthier work-life. 

But the question is, as a good manager, should you help employees achieve their resolution? If yes, how should you do that?  

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Amy Gallo said managers should give a supportive autonomy to employees, meaning managers should be able to support employee’s goals and resolutions. That said, an employee-centric strategy should be applied in your organisational management. Besides, helping employees achieve their resolutions will not only benefit them but also the organisation – such that aligning employee’s with the company’s resolution can bring better profits, productivity, and performance. 

Then, how to support employees New Year resolutions? Here is what you can do to assist your employees in making and achieving New Year’s resolutions. 

Get to know your employees’ resolutions  

As a good manager, you probably need to embrace the words “sharing is caring” because once you know what your employees want, it will be easier for you to engage and manage them to be more productive. 

That said, spare some time and spend them with your employees. Ask them what their New Year’s resolutions are. If some of your employees have not had any goals yet, help them find ones. You can do this by asking or giving a little boost about their needs and wants for the coming years in a one-on-one meeting or group gathering. 

Help employees set and achieve their goals  

When you have learnt about your staff’s New Year’s resolutions, it is time to work together with employees to attain the goals. You can create employees group who have the same goals such as promotion resolution group, work-life balance group, or healthier living group. Grouping will ease your way, especially when you help hundreds of employees.  

Moreover, as a great and caring leader, you should always find a way to help your people. To illustrate, when your employees want a healthier life, help them have a healthier diet by providing a healthy lunch box (if your company provides lunch perks) or on-site yoga. If your employees want a promotion, help them by providing resources and training. 

Ask employees for feedback

Next step is to know your employees’ thoughts about everything you have done for them. As a manager, your attention and focus should be dedicated to employees and employees only while not forgetting your responsibility to report to upper management. 

Mark Whitten said mutually clear expectations are important between you (as a manager) and your people. In fact, added Whitten, it is necessary because being a manager and not knowing any of your employees will make your people not accept you as their leader. 

Keep the bond alive 

Apart from giving mutually expectations and understanding, you should be able to maintain communication with employees. The purpose of communication is to help your staff feel valued and belonged to the organisation. That said, keep the appraisal alive in your approach to maintain employer-employees communication. If it is not possible to give the appraisal directly, sending them through email or personal message will be great.

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