5 Tools to Boost Social Media Sourcing

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5 Tools to Boost Social Media Sourcing
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Social media presents a wide array of exciting opportunities for recruitment industries, no wonder that 94 percent of recruiters use social media to find talents. The role of social media in the recruiting process is also predicted to constantly rise. Not only is social media a valuable source of information for recruiters, it is also a handy tool where recruiters can navigate their recruiting strategy at a highly competitive niche like software development. 

Given its fast-moving and highly competitive nature, recruiters must adopt the right tools to make them stand out and thus get the right candidates before other recruiters do. Recruiters should also be very fast, proactive, and creative in their sourcing. Here is a list of useful social media sourcing tools that help boost the hiring process. 

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1- ContactOut 

Contactout is a browser extension that helps recruiters find all the contact information of job seekers. The application helps employers find detailed contact information and email addresses of job candidates. It is a tool that can help recruiters with the process of finding contact info of candidates in an easy and quick way.  

Pricing plan: Free for first 100 searches then you should switch to paid plans with the price starting at $19/monthly and are mostly negotiated per license. 

2- Improver.io

Improver.io is a browser extension that automatically matches candidates’ LinkedIn profiles with the company’s current open positions. This is a time saver for recruiters and the tool could provide contact information to speed up communication. However, Improver.io could not help match profiles lacking data, thus recruiters might potentially miss promising candidates. 

Pricing plan: The extension is free for 10 credits per month. It also has a paid plan with the lowest starts at $15/month for 50 credits. 

3- Recruit’em

Recruit’em is a rescue for recruiters who like to use keywords to search candidates on Google search and social media search. It allows users to input skills and criteria they are looking for and then creates the search query automatically. Here are some social media networks that are integrated with Recruit’em: LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub, Xing, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. 

Pricing plan: Completely free 

4- TalentBin 

TalentBin is a tool developed by Monster. It has the ability to source potential talent just by simply parsing a job description and highlighting the mentioned skillset on the candidate’s profile. After recruiters find the right candidates, they can reach out to them by using any of the media mentioned on their profile, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Pricing plan: no information available 

5- Crystal 

Approaching prospective candidates online and offline requires different strategies, but the right communication will always help. Crystal is a digital communication coach that generates personality-based advice for any email you are sending. The system analyses talent’s profile on LinkedIn, SalesForce, and Hubspot to tell candidates’ or clients’ personality. 

Pricing plan: no information available 

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